Friday, October 24, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Last Halloween (while I was totally strict and loosing lots of weight) my Aunt Stephanie Farnsworth introduced me to the greatest thing ever...

I hate candy in my house. I hate my kids having sticky chocolate fingers and I hate that I am tempted to put that CRAP in my mouth (and on my hips, butt, belly etc.)
So what is the solution...

The Great Pumpkin
He comes to the house the night after Halloween and exchanges all the leftover candy for a prize
How did I not know about this before..
My kids were so excited last year... They PIG OUT on candy for 24 hours then leave it in a bowl on the table on Nov 1st then wake up and SURPRISE.. The candy is GONE.. and they get something cool in return.
I think he brought a movie for each of them. This year.. they are hoping for Mario Cart for Wii...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marathon TRAINING Schedule

Ok so Most of you AREN'T interested in the schedule I am following..
But This is the one I finally decided to follow for THIS Marathon..
I got it from the Scottsdale Running Club website.
It pretty much follows my running schedule I have been doing since January..
I am so excited to do this marathon.. I hope lots of people I know will be doing it too..
If you are... What is your training schedule like?
I would love food advise from any expert out there.
I struggle with what foods to eat during the week to give me energy..
Carb loading foods that are best..
and pretty much any EATING advise out there for marathon training.
Should I quit my RockStar Habbit? (I love to drink 1/2 a RockStar before leaving on Sat Morning)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Crazy October

October is ALWAYS a CRAZY CRAZY month for us.. This picture is of all the October Birthday's from the HOWEY FAMILY...
Paris' on Sept 29th
Martin's on Oct 6th
Mican's on the 9th
Lochlin on the 17th
Chad on the 18th
Lawsen on the 20th
and Ashlyn on the 21st
It seems that there is something going on all the time, not to mention it is the start of the crazy holiday season with Halloween coming up, getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas
I always seem to stress out this month. PLUS now I have STINKY ENGLISH 102 that I totally suck at. I don't like to write. But I am going to get through this semester...

I honestly feel like I am the LUCKIEST girl in the WORLD...
I have been lucky enough to marry my Best Friend.
I LOVE every minute I spend with Chad,
He makes me laugh,
He makes me happy,
He is so encouraging and supportive,

He is such a good Husband, Father and Friend.
I am sure if you have spent any time at all around me you know how much I love Chad.
I love to tell the world how SUPER HOT and SEXY I think he is.
I love his quirks like that he using analogies and being OCD.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Party

So when I got put in as the Activity's Chair I have been so excited to start doing all the fun Holiday Parties.. SO here we go..
The Halloween Party is coming up.. For all the WARD-O's or anyone else who'd like to come.. PLEASE DO!! Pass along the info, and Make sure to invite all the neighbors I will have fliers for handing out at church tomorrow. Or you can print off this picture and hand it out to your neighbors.
I am passing out SIGN-UP's at church for Soup or Chili, Rolls, and Cupcakes (for the Cake Walk)!!

Let me know if you have any questions...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hair Cut

I have the LONGEST THICKEST HARD TO DO HAIR ever.. While I complain and complain.... I know I am blessed to have such a FULL HEAD of hair while some have thin or even no hair. but this is MY BLOG.. and I can go on about MY PROBLEMS.. Like.. My HAIR!! I hate it. I hate doing it, I hate straightening it. I hate how heavy it is, I hate the few gross course curly hairs and gray hairs, I have never colored my hair, wouldn't know what color to go to. I am just BORING.. I KNOW I have needed it cut for a while (I usually only do this like once a year, prob why it is so long in the first place)

Well... Here is the best I could find for a before shot.. Long, gross ends, with my head straight on.. it was down to my belt..

This morning I saw my good friend Natalie Hall.. Who is my favorite person to attack my hair problem. She understands ME but mostly.. she understands Chad (and his obsession with LONG Hair). Chad is pickier than I am with my hair. I told her to chop it.. to do whatever she wanted. and she was so excited because she loves doing hair. CRAZY I TELL YOU!! Well.. She chopped away.. I think between 6 and 8 inches. Gave me Layers, and I think my head is 5 lbs lighter...NOW my hair falls just below my bra line.

Thanks Natalie... You are the best. It was so good to see you.. (and your parents and sister) You are amazing. I miss having you live across the street. Hope to see you soon... WAY before my next hair cut in Oct 2009 !!

Sisters Get Away Weekend

A Few weekends ago I flew into SLC and met up with my mom, Cherry and Emily.
Then ALL the sisters in MY family (Cherry, Me, Emily, Lydia & Stephanie) and My Mom and Most of her SISTERS (Kathy, Mom, LeeLee & Stevie) as well as some of my cousins (Jen, Misty, Julie & Jackie) well all met up at my Grandpa Sanders Cabin in Midway, Utah. It was so much fun.

We Talked, Laughed, Cried,

we danced, and slept

we caught up on our Celeb Gossip... and we exercised (Emily and I ran about 5 miles) and the other girls did a good long walk around the neighborhood.
I Love my family. It is so sad for me to NOT have any of my sisters or mom living close by.
I really look forward to anytime we can spend together.
My cousins are so much like sisters to me (and all us Allen Girls) It has been so much fun over the years to have such a fun extended family . . . that you just connect with and LOVE to spend time with.
My mom has AMAZING sisters too. . . They all have such great qualities and I hope I can be more like them.
Cherry and I went shopping at the Outlets in Park City and ran into another cousin (from my dad's side) Mela and her Fiance. What a small world.
We came back to Lydia's House in Spanish Fork and hung out had cheese fondue and enjoyed the last night together. Sunday Morning we got ready and all headed our seperate ways...
It was a FUN weekend.. SO good to see all the girls in my family. Honestly I have the BEST SISTERS EVER. I can't wait till Thanksgiving when we can all be together again.
p.s. CELS. . . these are pretty much all the pictures I took. If you dont like the quality of them from the site.. let me know I can email them to you guys.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

6 Quirks

I was TAGGED by LORI to share 6 Quirky things about myself.. If you care... this is what Chad and I came up with.

1. I HATE to use bathrooms that aren't mine. Public and EVEN friends toilets are ONLY for when I am desperate, I'd so much rather wait to get home.

2. I am OCD about my morning gym routine... I sleep in my workout clothes and use my phone for my alarm... I lay out my Shoes and Socks by my bedroom door and my iPod, Water and Jet Fuel on the counter. 4:30AM comes way to fast and I hate having to think about anything in the morning.

3. I have a BAD habit of picking all the course black curly hairs out of my head. (ok and the few gray ones too) OK I pretty much PICK bump or scab on my body (esp like the backs of my arms) or Chad's or anyone else I can get my hands on (Usually when Owen, Stephanie or Emily come to visit within the first few minutes I have been asked to pop any zit that is on their body)

4.I don't watch TV but I do like to fall asleep to girly movies at night. Enchanted, 27 dresses, How to Loose a guy in 10 days, etc. AND I rarely make it through more than 5 minutes of the movie before falling asleep.

5. I have a bad habit of GUESSING the end of a story. Chad will be talking and I will try to finish his story with what I think happens. BUT I am usually WAY OFF. . I know I do this But I JUST CAN'T STOP.

6.I have been told i have NO Mind-Mouth Filter... If I think it. . . Most likely you will hear it. Sometimes this isn't always appropriate.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Movie in the Park

Tonight we thought it would be fun to do a
at the Park behind our house. . .

Kids can play at the park with friends WHILE watching a movie
and the ADULTS can escape their house, and visit with neighbors and friends.

Anyone wanting something
bring your lawn chairs, popcorn, movie snacks or whatever you want and come watch with us.

6:00 PM - Madagascar
Rated PG - 86 min

7:30 PM - IronMan
Rated PG13 - 126 min