Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Happenings...

It is

already !!!

Valentines day is around the corner, I am reminded of the


I have for my wonderful husband

(crazy it will be 13 years next month)

and my wonderful family

that with all the craziness can always make me smile.


Lochlin ........

is doing Soccer

and oh my goodness he is so cute out there on the field.

Maybe it is bad to say my 11 yr old son is cute,

but he is...

and I just love watching him on the field

and get excited about all the new moves he is learning.

Loch and Brae

are doing Joe Ward's Basketball Camp again,

which is a really fun because they are getting such great coaching from Joe four nights a week

as well as some quality play time with their cousins.

Braeden. . .

participated in Wilson's Spelling Bee a little bit ago

and did such a good job. I can't imagine the pressure standing on a stage up in front of the 4-6th grades having to spell a word without making any mistakes.

He was adorable and really did an amazing job.

Ashlyn . . .

is so freaking cute too.

She started playing tennis on wii sports and was enjoying it so much that she decided to take tennis lessons. She has been going two times a week and is really doing so well at picking up this sport.

Plus it has been a benefit that she has been doing it with her best friend Reagan.

Irelyn . . .

my little princess is so much fun.

I love how her personality is just growing and developing so much. She loves to have tea parties and eat tortillas and cheese almost every day for lunch, and almost is never seen without a purse full of jewelry, makeup and do-dads.

Yep, I am STILL HOPING and PRAYING I can graduate this December.

I am in school only 2 days this semester ...
BUT it is ALL day Monday and ALL day Wednesday.
Thank heavens for the help I get from Chad's Mom and Sue Gilligan.

Needless to say my days are busy with school, homework and Irelyn
and my evenings are booked with kids activities.

I have a new goal I am working for and that is getting the funding for a study abroad

in IRELAND this summer.

It would be 1 class and a 125 hour internship based in Dublin.

I would live in student housing at Shanowen Square

I will get hooked up with an internship in a field of study that goes along with my major.

Go to school every Tuesday & Thursday night and

Every weekend is a 3 day weekend.

My mom has said she would watch the kids for the 6 ½ week session.

Chad would HOPEFULLY be able to come over and visit

(maybe even take a quick trip over to Scotland to see his old tromping ground and friends)

And, now I just have to PRAY I can get a scholarship to cover my tuition and living expenses.

Keep your fingers crossed. Till next time.