Wednesday, April 30, 2008


But I thought I would give you all a preview into

This morning I woke up at 4:30 so I could head out for a 9 mile run

(I needed to be back by 6 so Chad could leave to go to work). I was a little slow getting out the door (4:50) but I popped 2 Jet Fuel and headed out the door with a full PolarPak FlowJo (LOVE THAT THING) and some PowerBar Gel (Strawberry Bananna Flavor)

Ok so My RUN WAS GREAT!!! Tiffany and I headed down to 32nd Street and Southern then turned around and at that point I figured I could TRY my first Energy Gel. OK so I SERIOUSLY thought I was going to GAG!!! If you haven't had it before it is the texture of SNOT.

And FYI, I HATE Bananna's so I start downing 1.5 oz what had to be the MOST DISCUSTING THING EVER!!! I was holding back the vomit but it went down and the rest of the run I had that gross bananna flavor in my mouth!!! YUCK!!!
Anyways I get home at 5:53... That run went REALLY FAST (come to find out it was only an 8 mile run, but don't worry I have plans to run 4.5 miles tonight so I wasn't to dissapointed) So I get home and Smootch Chad as he walks out the door. AHHH... I LOVE the quiet mornings where I can get things done...

So I started a Load of Laundry

Loaded the Dishwasher
Folded the Load of Towels from the Dryer
Showered and Got Ready!!!
Made 4 Sandwiches Got 4 Kids ready (ok so 3 get dressed all by themselves) but I had to make sure they matched and looked presentable and do their hair.

Made the Boy's Practice Piano
Got 3 kids out the door to get to school by 8 o'clock

Helped in Ashlyn's Classroom from 8 to 9:30

Went to Sprouts to get stuff for a FUN LUNCH with some girls from our ward at Erin Ferguson's Home and Made Chicken Salad Sandwiches to share
Put Irelyn Down for a QUICK nap

Helped Ashlyn with LOTS OF MAKE UP HOMEWORK since she was sick last week and we were gone on Monday to Texas.
I just got back from Lunch and it was a BLAST thanks ERIN for hosting that. For providing such a fun atmosphere for the kids to play and have fun. It was fun to get away for a while. Happy B-day a day late to Tiffany Walker!! Good to meet all the new girls. K.Millecam LOVED the Hooter Hider you pulled out!!! I think every breast feeding mom needs one of those super cute blankets. Ashlyn had a friend come home with her from the Lunch then we headed off to Gymnastics
Loch has CUB Scouts

Then I made dinner
while Loch, Brae and Irelyn were playing outside in their FORT (the inside of the Oleander bushes by my front door)

I need to get my sharing time together and clean my house. BUT... Chad has Young Men's tonight and I feel so happy that Tiffany asked me to watch her CUTE girls so she could go to Young Women's. . . Anyways... I doubt anything more will happen... at least till tomorrow morning.

Ahhh... the list goes on and on...

BUT... we did it all with a GREAT ATTITUDE thanks to the funnest Primary Music CD... EVERYONE should get this... it is so much fun. FUN UNIQUE ways to sing some of the funnest songs. . . Give Said the Little Stream, Ensey Winsey Spider, I am a Child of God, etc.. You will LOVE THIS MUSIC

Thursday, April 24, 2008

One Semester of Spanish - Love Song

Just Had to share this YouTube Video -

My mom told me about it and It is HILARIOUS!!

Esp if you have taken Spanish in High School.

I love the part where he counts and doesn't know how to say 11!

Hope you enjoy, and Laugh!!

Sharing Time for May

I thought I would use my blog to get some help for sharing time in May... The topic is "Each member of my family has a divine role. " I am asking YOU, esp if you are in my ward, to share an example of how a child in your family has shown LOVE for someone else in your family. I want to use these examples in PRIMARY. I thought it would be fun to have some of the primary children hear examples of themselves or their friends.... PLEASE SHARE!!!


Kirk’s little brother Eric was afraid at night, so Kirk helped him say a prayer to feel safe. Then Kirk sang a song to help Eric go to sleep.


Kaitlin’s mother had been gone overnight. Kaitlin cut a piece of paper into a heart shape and wrote a message telling her mother how much she loved her. She left the message on her mother’s pillow for her mother to find when she came home.

I KNOW that ALL of our children are doing little things that show LOVE.... I KNOW it is so important for them to realize that we see these little things. . .

You can also email these to me to. . .

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pat's Run

Pat's Run this morning was so much fun... We (Laura Smith, Me, Anna Haught & Megan Merrill) drove down together to ASU. There were like 30,000 people (at least that is what I remember hearing on the speaker) doing the race. It was neat to hear a little bit about Pat Tillman before the run (except the stupid generator for the speakers kept going out) . . . I crossed the finishline of the 4.2 Mile Run at about 37 minutes (I will get the actual time after 4 today) Can't wait for the Next Run. . . Maybe the MAD MUD RUN on Saturday May 3rd! Check out the site to see how much FUN that looks. . .

Official Results
4.5 Miles
Chip Time: 37:00
Overall Place: 2061/7429
Gender Place: 433/3078
Division Place: 206/7552
Pace: 8:49

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Drama in 85206

Anyone want to move to Our Neighborhood??? We were recently featured on ABC, NBC, FOX and Channel 3....


Well It starts about NOON . . . I am on the phone with Steph, Mom and Emily making wedding plans . . . Looking at dresses and locations for receptions online. . . Call 1 - Tiffany Watkins - I answer but say hey can I call you back . . Call 2 - The Jensens - I let it go to voice mail I can call them back in a few minutes, Call 3 - Mesa Pub School - I answer, Mr. Nesbitt on a recorded msg letting all parents know the school is on lockdown??? WHAT???
Chad thinks it would be fun to drive around the neighborhood with the two girls to see what is going on... I call the Jensen's - It is Busy. . . I call Tiffany, she said her neighbor, a Mesa Sheriff had just sped off to respond to the call, There was a stolen car that crashed on Southern in front of our neighborhood and the guy fled on foot into Our Neighborhood (Hence the LOCKDOWN)
Helicopters start swarming above us. . . it is now 12:30 . . Luckily Chad is just out front talking to the neighbors and Ashlyn runs in the house scared and CRYING. .
I talk to Jack Davis who tells me there are snipers out on the rooftops. I go outside to see the site. CRAZY... there they are right down the street perched on several rooftops gun's drawn, aimed at the back yard of the house the Crazy Bank Robber decided to break into.
Natalie Hall drives by . . . she just came into the neighborhood and saw all the commotion I jump in the car and we head off to catch some photos to post on the blog. We stop by the Davis to get a better view . . . Katie Grabbed her camera and we dart off to drive closer to the Drama. We were like the Desperate Housewife Investigators. We capture shots of the News trucks, Helicopters, Police Crew, Swat Team, etc. . . We head out to southern and see the stolen car that the Crazy guy recked. . . Seriously we are out there for like 2 hours . . . visiting with neighbors, getting whatever info we can. NOT wanting to miss anything.

Come on who doesn't like Drama!!!

Miken Gardner, who works as an aid in kindergarten, is talking with us about what is happening at the school. . . like Police Escorts to the Bathrooms, etc. . . Finally we get a call that the Kids will be released to their parents. . . Off to the school. . . seriously the LINE was crazy LONG of parents getting their kids. I am sure I looked pretty foolish wanting pictures to post on my blog during this time . . . but I guess I didn't really care :) So after a long wait and lots of gabbing with all the girls from the ward. Lochlin and Braeden were released by a Police Officer to us at about 3:10 . . . . Loch tells me that his friend saw the Robber wearing a black mask right in front of the office (doubt that is true), He said that He and another boy in his class had to go to the bathroom but couldn't go to the restroom so they Pee'd in a bucket!!! And, Braeden's class played Hot Potato for most of the afternoon. Well, Soon after we get home I get a call from Tiffany who got the latest update from the Sheriff neighbor. . . the suspect was caught in the house NAKED, and bleeding and apparently trying to commit suicide. . I am glad they caught the guy, glad there were no serious injuries (apparently a cop was hit with the stolen car but taken to the hospital with NON life threatening injuries) Glad We had a little Drama and Action here in 85206 !!!

Here are the pictures from my camera, I will add the ones from Katies soon.
Did anyone else have an exciting afternoon???

Here is the link to the AZFamily News Info about this incident.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scottish Mission Reunion

Chad and I just spent the weekend up in Salt Lake City to attend Chad's Mission Reunion. . . He went to Scotland and YES he LOVED IT.... But If any of you know Chad . . . You already knew that. I miss the funny accent he had when he came home It was so dang cute, but if he starts talking about Scotland at all . .. the accent comes out a bit.
Ok On to the weekend. We got there Thursday night and Sherri and Spencer picked us up and we went to this Yummy Brazillian restraunt in Trolley Square (forgive me for not knowing the name) It was so much fun to totally OD on yummy meats though. Lydia and Dan made the drive up to Sherri's house that night so the boys could have a fun game of Basketball while us girls hung out. A night that didn't end till the WEE early hours of the morning.
Friday morning I went out for a run. . . HOLY COW... I forgot to take into account that all my training has been here in AZ on the FLAT roads. . . Sherri lives in the mountains and I swear after getting lost I did so many dang hills my tush killed for a few days. But I LOVED the run . . . It was so beautiful and cool outside. Friday Night we headed down to the Reunion. . . It started with the Bagpipe Band . . . Which was so amazing. . . esp in the chapel which is something you don't hear every day. This Reunion is known to be the highest attended reunion in the church. . . We filled an entire stake center all the way back to the stage!! After the Pipes, a few Scottish Folk Songs and Speakers they broke off into rooms for all the different Mission Presidents. . . Chad Served under Pres. Swaney and Pres Williams (1993-95) It was fun to see a few of the ELDERS(and sisters) Chad Served with. I have heard so many stories over the years so to put a face with the name was GREAT. This was a GREAT NIGHT. and I Know Chad Loved Reconnecting with some of his old friends.
That night we drove back down to Provo to hang out with Lydia and Dan (of course Kaitlyn and Kenzie too!!) We stayed up again Talking till WAY early in the morning. and started Saturday morning off REALLY EARLY to prepare a FAB Breakfast to eat before the Saturday Session of Conf. Owen came over and so did StephaKNEE and her soon to be Fiance Nate . . . We PIGGED out on French Toast, Quiche, Muffins, etc. . . then watched conf. . . OK so maybe I fell asleep but who doesn't . . . Those voices are so soothing. and with so little sleep I justified it. :) That afternoon the boys went off to go watch a movie while us girls went off shopping. We had a fun time spending Lydia's money and getting lots of stuff to decorate her new house. The 3 girls (Lyd, Steph and I) had the 2 kids (Kaitlyn and Kenzie) and we squished WAY TO MUCH stuff in the car we could hardly move. It was quite commical I am sure if anyone saw this.

Saturday night Chad went with some of his old Mission Buddies to the Priesthood session at the Conference Center (Thanks Elder Frogly) Then afterwards we went to a UFC fight which was SO MUCH FUN . . . We Finally found a place that was open in SLC at 11PM and ate PF Changs and Hung out till 4 am with Sher and Spence and then had to wake up at 7:30AM to catch our flight Sunday Morning . . . All in all we had NO SLEEP but had a BLAST. Now that we are home hopefully we can catch up on some much needed rest. I so love my family and appreciate all that everyone did. It was great to get to the reunion and spend time with my family.

I hope everyone else had a fun weekend too...

BTW . . My kids all had a really fun weekend too. . . they all slept at friend's houses on Thursday Night . . Friday Night the boys had a party with Martin (Their Grandpa) and the girls had a party with Mican (sis in law) Then Mican had a party with them all on Sat night. They ate plenty of Panda's orange chicken, watched lots of movies had lots of popcorn and sweets and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone that helped me out.


What's on YOUR iPod???

I am trying to find the perfect music for my marathon. . . I am figuring about 4 hours worth to do the 26 miles . . . So what do you listen to while you run? here is some of my list . . . I want more suggestions to add to it PLEASE!!!!

Baba O'Reily by the Who

Take You There by Sean Kingston

Move Along by All American Rejects

Island in the Sun by Weezer

Stonger by Kanye West

Smack That by Akon

Good Life by Kanye West

Stop & Stare by OneRepublic

Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow

Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers

Hypnotized by Plies and Akon

Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado

Play by David Banner

Chop Me Up by Justin Timberlake

The Way I am by Eminem

Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown

My Love by Justin Timberlake

RollOut by Ludacris

Going the Distance by Cake

How Many Words by Blake Lewis

Bump it Up by Ludacris

Back that A$$ Up by Juvenile

Get Your Freak On by Missy Elliott

The Way I Are by Timbaland

Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna

Hips Don't Lie by Shakira

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Cyclone by Baby Bash

Gold Digger by Kanye West

Can't Get You Out of My Heada by Kylie Minogue

Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

Push It by Salt N Pepa

In The Club by 50 Cent

This is only about 2 Hours worth of music so I need MORE!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Injured . . . Wa Wa Wa Wa Wa

So if you have spoken to me or checked my blog in the past MONTH you probably know I am training to do the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon on June 1st. This is less than 2 months away now and I have spent many many hours running over the past month. I usually go between 3 and 6 miles at least 4 times during the week and do long runs on Saturday's . . . March 22nd I ran 14 miles (I did this run alone and it was rather plesant, easy running I did it in 2 hours easy pace and no walking) this past Saturday March 29th . . . I ran 16 miles (with Tiffany Watkins, Anna Haught and Megan Merrill) We had a nice start but made a pit stop at the McDonnalds on Higley and Brown for a few minutes then headed down Brown to Lindsay then over to McKellips and back with another pit stop at the same McDonnald's to refuel on Powerade and Water . . . Then Home . . . This took about 2 hours and 40 min . . . I was surprised how the pit stops made the run so much harder. There was a little walking but only about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile total. We made it hope and I felt good. My legs were tired and sore and then I realized the top of my foot was hurting. Right under where my shoe laces were on my left foot. . . . I attempted a walk with my family on Sunday afternoon but luckily it was cut short with a grumpy 18 month old so we turned around. Monday Tiffany wanted me to do a Mock Triathalon at the gym (17 laps in the pool, 9 miles on the bike, and 2 miles of running) While I was on the treadmill about 1/2 mile into my run my FOOT was KILLING. . . I seriously thought I could scream, I started walking thinking I could get through it. . . . I finally hit 1 mile and decide I have to Quit!!! My foot hurts WAY TO BAD to continue with this. . . So I get online and do a little self diagnosis I have a Stress Fracture . . . CAUSES: Stress fractures are usually caused by overtraining or overuse. They can also be caused by repeated pounding or impact on a hard surface, such as running of concrete. Increasing the time, type or intensity of exercise too rapidly is another cause of stress fractures to the feet, as is wearing improper footwear. High impact sports such as running, gymnastics, and volleyball can increase the risk of stress fractures. In all of these sports, the repetitive stress of the foot strike on a hard surface causes trauma and muscle fatigue. Without the right shoes, good muscle strength or adequate rest between workouts an athlete can develop a stress fracture.
TREATMENT: The best treatment for a stress fracture is rest. Taking a break from from the routine and doing some low impact exercise (Swimming or Cycling) for a few weeks can help the bone heal. If rest isn't taken, chronic problems such as larger, and more persistent stress fractures can develop. Re-injury may result in a chronic foot problem and the stress fracture might never heal properly.
Wa Wa Wa . . . I will take a week off. . . Still hitting the gym for Weights, Swimming and Cycling but I am hoping by next week I can pick up. cause I am going to do the darn marathon. I know running 26 miles will hurt my body but I WANT TO DO IT!!!
Has anyone else suffered from this, and done anything to fix it? My mom told me to wrap my foot in Tobacco . . Kinda wierd and I will try it when I can get to the store to buy a cigar or a can of chew...

Mom's - Who has the TIME?

I was lying in bed this morning (OK NIGHT) lets face it it is 2AM and I can't sleep. My mind is racing and I thought since I am up I might as well BLOG about what I am thinking about.
Seriously Who has ANY TIME to do anything?

What does your Daily/Weekly TO DO LIST include??

Work Out,
Shave our legs (so we don't scare away our husbands),
Get Dressed,
Put on Make-up,
and Hopefully do our hair
Make sure the kids make their beds, and brush their teeth, and practice the piano
Make sure all Kids Homework is done, sign folders, and make sure it is ready for the following day,
Get Kids to Baseball, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons, Music Class, Swim Lessons, etc.
Feed the kids Breakfast,
Make Lunches for kids going to school,
Plan and Prepare a healthy Dinner
Pay Bills,
Do the Grocery shopping,
Bazillion Load's of Laundry, and PUT THEM AWAY
Clean Bathrooms,
Unload and Load the Dishwasher
Pick up the Dry Cleaning,
Take the Car pool,
Take out the garbage,
Change Diapers,
Get Visiting Teaching Done,
Primary Pres Meetings,
Plan Sharing Time,
Help with Cub Scouts, and Activity Day's Projects, Or whatever other calling anyone may have
Read Scriptures, Ensign, Church News, Friend, and don't forget the RS Lesson (and Hopefully still find time to read something for fun)
Oh have you found time yet in your day to do that Compassionate service meal you signed up for, or Helped in at least one of your children's classrooms,
Return books to Library, and Movies to Blockbuster
Ward Choir,
Go to the Temple,
Catch up on Email or Blogging
Do your Family History
Stock up for your Year's Supply
Help in the Cannery
Attend a Play Group
Go to Homemaking
Have you had time to PLAY with your kids, Potty train your toddler, Help your kindergartner learn to read or figure out how to subtract, or did you even SIT down as a family for dinner?
What about Dr. apts and picking up the prescription from the pharmacy, and
Did you remember to buy the new shoes for the kids (cause their feet are growing so dang fast they have out grown the ones I just got from I swear it was just LAST WEEK)
CRAP... Who else FORGETS TO EAT Breakfast and sometimes Lunch and Dinner.

Who remembered or had the energy to cuddle with their Husband?

I am so impressed with any MOM that on top of ALL THIS, has a full or even part time job!!

Does anyone really have time for TV, who is it that has time for Oprah or Rachael Ray anymore? Thank heavens for the TV diet we went on last summer!!!

I found these Suggestions on a Website.

When you feel the need to escape and take a few minutes to yourself to de-stress, follow some (if not all) of the tips below.

Put yourself in time out: Allow some alone time for yourself. Use this time to focus on you. Find a place in your home that you can go to and find privacy. You can ask your partner or a friend to take the family out for a few hours while you enjoy your alone time. Do nothing, sleep, read, watch a movie, and just enjoy your solitude. (I wish i could go to TIME OUT.. I can't even sit on the Toilet for 1 minute without being bombarded by my children)

Call a Friend: Rather than yelling at your husband or your children, try picking up the phone and vent to a friend. Be sure not to vent AT her, but rather tell her about your day and get it all out. If she offers you some advice, listen and soak it in. This mini-time out session will leave you feeling heard, de-stressed and you will find that by the end of your call some of you anger will have dissipated. (Phew, cause I feel like anytime I AM on the phone this is exactly what I am doing, but maybe not in quite the pleasing way it is described here)

Play: As adults, we sometimes forget the beneficial value of play. Play stimulates our imagination, encourages our creativity, boosts our energy, and best of all, it is fun. Try a game of tennis, a game of cards online or perhaps invite some friends over for an evening of adult board games. (does a game of Candyland count, or possibly Barbies? I swear that is the only type of PLAY I can get)

Meditate: Meditation has been proven to reduce your blood pressure, and helps to dramatically reduce your stress level. Meditation and/or prayer will help you to keep in touch with your spiritual side. Meditation is a very effective method of relaxation. To meditate, quiet your mind and allow yourself to focus on one thing, such as your breath. Find a relaxed comfortable position where Try visualizing good health and peace as you inhale. While you are breathing out breathe out all of your stress. Set aside approximately 20 minutes for this exercise. Upon completion, you will see just how much more relaxed your mind and body is. (20 Minutes?? seriously this person can't be serious, where are those 20 minutes going to come from, I guess I am up at 2 in the morning and I could do it NOW before I head out to the gym at 5, but NORMALLY I would be sleeping till then. . . The trick is to learn to meditate while kids are crying and you can hear the Barney or Elmo voices that are so NOT soothing and you have Cheerios's or Gold fish being thrown around your house getting squished into the carpet)

Take a nap: Find a quiet, comfortable spot and take a nap. Even a short power nap can leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and more focused. Studies have shown that people who spent 30 minutes each day napping had one third less heart disease than those who didn't nap. (So yesterday I sat on the bed in Ashlyn's room to play Barbies and I swear in 2 seconds I was asleep, I got caught by Chad less than a minute into this so called NAP. I actually was embarrassed, oh and Ashlyn has told me that she wont cuddle with me on the couch to watch a Barbie Movie because she thinks I will fall asleep . . . I would LOVE a nap during the day, but I'd have to get over that guilty feeling like I just got caught doing something wrong oh and FIND THE TIME)
Eat: Not just anything but certain things. Studies show that certain foods can help reduce stress. Carbohydrates will actually soothe you. Good sources of carbohydrates include rice, pasta, potatoes, breads, air-popped popcorn and low-calorie cookies. Experts suggest that the carbohydrates present in just one baked potato or a cup of spaghetti or white rice is enough to relieve the anxiety of a stressful day. (I don't see Chocolate or Ice Cream here and I do think it is weird to actually see we should eat carbs . . . Experts also aren't telling us that we will have to add an extra hour on the treadmill to our work out to burn off the extra calories that our DE STRESSING added to our Daily Caloric intake)

Movie Time: If you don’t have anyone to watch the children for you while you de-stress. Put in one of their favorite movies, supply your children with a few healthy snacks, and have them occupy themselves for a little while so that you can take a breather.Don't feel guilty for taking time out to rejuvenate your mind and body. (I can only stand Elmo, Barney, Nemo, Barbie Movies, Etc SO MANY TIMES . . . seriously who can rejuvenate with the high squeal of Elmo, or while Barney is fondling the little kids.)

DISCLAIMER!!!!!!! Chad does NOT care if I take a nap he actually has told me he likes to see me resting. This was ment in NO WAY to say CHAD doesn't help me either because I could ask him to help me with any of these things and he would GLADLY do it. He even tries to do things when I don't ask like the dishes or helping with the kids. I used this post PURELY to just list the MANY MANY THINGS we as moms have on our plate!!! I LOVE YOU BABE xoxoxo
Being a mom is not an easy task and it is a full time job. Take a break when you need it and be sure to ask for help to keep the stress at bay.

THANK YOU MOM for all you did for ME growing up. You did this for 6 kids. I can't even to it for 4 kids.