Thursday, March 20, 2008

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What is HIS name? Chad Martin Howey

How long have you been married? 11 WONDERFUL years

How long did you date? We started hanging out Christmas Eve of 1995 by that summer we were spending every day together then His parents FINALLY convinced him to propose New Years Eve 1996 we were married in March of 1997 (ok so we were together for about a year and 3 months before we got married)

How old is he? I dont Know (I know he was born in 1973) So, I think he turns 34 this year ??

Who eats more sweets? Chad FOR SURE, He has a bottomless PIT of a stomach when it comes to sweets. I know it is hard to believe (esp since most of his diet consists of egg whites, spinach and salmon) I PROMISE Chad EATS SWEETS... and LOTS OF THEM!!!

Who said I love you first? Chad did, I wanted to say it back but "I have to pee" was the only thing that I could say in response. I think it took me almost a month afterwards to say it back to him. How Lame I KNOW, I promise I LOVED HIM I just couldn't say it.

Who is taller? Chad is and I LIKE it that way.

Who can sing better? Chad would say me, but My mom has always said with the ZUFELT genes Chad MUST have a good voice in there.

Who is smarter? Depends on what your talking about. I can answer most computer and math problems, Chad is smarter in EVERY OTHER WAY! But I agree with LYD... I am ALWAYS right, even if I am NOT smarter.

Who does the laundry? After I had Lochlin, ChaW was SO SWEET and did a load of laundry but he accidently put a red shirt in with the whites and from then on I told him I WOULD DO IT. OK he does it if I am out of town or whatever, and He has no problem switching a load but 99.9% of the time IT IS ME.

Who pays the bills? He makes the money for me to make sure they get paid

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I sleep on the right side, but It switches with every move, Chad makes sure to give me the side of the bed that has the easiest access to the bathroom and door. Not that I can't hold it, or prone to accidents, he is just thoughtful and wants me to have the easier route in the middle of the night if necessary.

Who mows the lawn? If it get's mowed Chad does it. He Doesn't LIKE to do it and usually it requires a few requests from me. But He gets it done... because HE LOVES ME!

Who cooks dinner? Well I usually THINK about it, I plan out a week's worth of meals, I throw together a salad and decide (chicken or salmon) then decide which way to prepare it. If it is in the oven or on the stove I DO IT. If it is on the grill CHAD DOES IT, but honestly lately, the kids have been eating chicken nuggets, Top Ramen, or Ckn Pot Pies, and Chad pops open a can or two of salmon and a hand full of spinach, or just makes a protein shake. I AM SUCH A BAD WIFE.

Who drives? Chad, I totally HATE driving with him in the passenger seat all he does is complain about what lane I am in and how I am not stopping soon enough etc... I do all the driving though during the day with the kids WITHOUT HIM.

Who is more stubborn? OK I KNOW I am stubborn (part of the Allen genes) but Chad likes things to be his way too.. I usually win in the war though.

Who kissed who first? I think he would say I kissed him, But He kissed back (a LOT) and I KNOW he LIKED IT!!!

Who asked who out first? We were just friends hanging out for so long that when it came to an actuall date I dont even know. It was prob just a mutual decision to go out.

Who proposed? Chad did and it was the most romantic wonderful New Years Eve ever . . . candle light picnic on the beach of the lake. My response to seeing the picnic like the I love you response "I have to pee" but I guess everyone can see I did say YES!

Who has more siblings? Well Chad grew up as the oldest of 6 kids(Chad, Tatum, Travis, Ty, Mican and Shea)

I grew up as the 2nd oldest of 6 kids(Cherry, Dawn, Emily, Lydia, Owen and Stephanie) but Chad actually has a step sister LISA who never lived with them, SO HE WINS with 1 more sibling.

Who wears the pants? We share the pants, His butt definatly looks better in them

BTW Chad always gets questions about his diet and workout so I made him do a blog with what he does so if anyone is interested here it is...

Friday, March 7, 2008


OK Natalie... Just went to the website for PAT'S RUN on April 19th looks like a fun 4.2 mile run starting at 7:00 AM. I have 13 miles to run that day Hopefully splitting it up then running later wont screw me up for the marathon training. Plus it is only $30 to register (before 4/13). Oh and kids under 12 RACE FREE for the 1/2 mile race.

How fun would the Disneyland 1/2 Marathon be. Aug 31st. Talk about a FUN family weekend. there is a 5K run on the 30th for those scared of the 13 miles.

I found a list of all the upcoming races in AZ on the Arizona Road Racers Website . . . If Anyone is interested in doing ANY of them... I will totally sign up too. I am looking for longer runs for the weekends at least 10-20 miles over the next few months (June 1st is only 85 days away)

YES... Running has become a new obsession!!!! call me CRAZY but I am loving being outside feeling the burn in my legs, pacing my breathing and thinking about the FINISH LINE.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rock N Roll ANYONE???

How many runners are out there??? Anyone else looking for something to get them excited about. I am DYING to do a Marathon. I know it will be LONG, MISSERABLE, and PAINFUL... BUT... I WANT IT!!! I want to be able to say "I ran 26 miles", I can almost feel the burning in my thighs thinking about it (or maybe it is just the 3.5 miles I ran this morning or all the dang lunges or squats from the PUMP class) OK so I have been wanting to have something to work towards and I found the Rock N Roll Marathon in San Diego on June 1st. Register before April 18th and it is only $100. I thought it would be fun to get a group together to suffer and have the fun together. It will be a SUPER FUN WEEKEND. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE If you are like me and just need to be pushed a little... Lets start a running group. Long runs on Saturdays 10, 12, miles to start. I don't even care what my time is for the Marathon. I JUST WANT TO DO IT... AND FINISH!!!!
There is also another Rock N Roll Marathon (and 1/2 Marathon) in San Antonio, TX on November 16 , 2008

This can be you.