Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Mabri - Aug 6th

Mican and Paris Had their baby Mabri on Aug 6th... The day before their daughter Rexli's 2nd Birthday. Mican LOOKED FABULOUS... and Mabri was/is so stinkin cute. It is fun to have another baby around. ESP since WE WONT be having any more!!!

Lemonade Stand

The Kids wanted to do a Lemonade stand one HOT summer day. They set up this table, made this poster and went to work..

The kids went DOOR to DOOR asking neighbors if they wanted lemonade. Lots of cars stopped and lots of NICE neighbors ... The kids made like $16.00

Smith's Cabin

Chad went to California for a weekend so I drove up to Pinetop with Heidi and her kids for a week.
Don't know if you can see.. But I let my kids get so DIRTY. I am so anal and retarded when it comes to dirt. I feel bad because I can't just let my kids be kids and get dirty usually... so while we were there. I let them get dirty. I still was a little bit freakish about it.. The boys wanted to build a fire so bad. They collected all the sticks they and made a teepee with them and used the pine needles.. I could tell they learned this stuff from their dad and from scouts. Heidi and I let the boys light it right before a rain storm was coming in ... we aren't as cool as a dad would be. How would 2 moms figure out how to put it out if it turned into a forrest fire??
Ash and Scarlett. Helping with the fire.. They were so cute together.

There was the greatest park we would go to. The kids loved the slides and swings. Plus the weather was so great so it was GREAT to be outside.

The Family Center had Arcade Games and stuff the boys had such a fun time on the motercycle game

There was the prettiest Lake the boys threw rocks in it, and went snake hunting. They were begging me that If they could catch a snake they wanted to bring it home for a pet. I SAID NO WAY!!!

Heidi, Scarlett, Skousen and Sutten. We had a GREAT TIME hanging out with you. Thanks for the fun memories.

Arnett's Cabin

We spent a weekend up at Fred and Erin Arnett's Cabin in Heber...

The kids had so much fun riding their Ranger and quads.

The girls Loved picking the flowers and going on walks.

The boys went "Hunting" and killed a rabbit...

Yes they even grilled that little bunny up and ate him.. GROSS!!

Oh and the whole Family loved playing Wii !!

Thanks Fred and Erin for a FUN weekend.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer Fun

We did some fun things this summer... We went to a Gilato place in the San Tan Area with Heidi Smith and her family They had Fire trucks and did Face Painting...

We also did Home Made Sushi with the kids a few times. (Fruit Snacks, Rice Krispy Treats and Gummy Worms and sour straws) The KIDS LOVED them.

Chad and I took the kids to GolfLand where the kids beat us at miniature golfing.

The Weddings

Chad's Sister Shea got married to Josh on May 29th.

These Boys are so cute together. It isn't to often you can capture a moment with them together where they aren't on the floor wrestling around, Little Handsome Studs.
Ashlyn was so Beautiful that night. She looked all grown up and just loved spinning around in her dress.
Irelyn and Rexli seriously.. So cute RIGHT? I tried so hard to get a picture of them together looking at the camera.. IT NEVER HAPPENED. Maybe next time.

I realized I don't really have any pictures of Chad's family on my blog. so here everyone is. Chad is the oldest, then Tatum who married David Owens and they have 7 kids. CRAZY... Travis has little Jade who Ashlyn just loves since they are the only girls around that age. Ty has Tristyn and Draet'n (who wasn't there for the wedding) Mican married Paris Bland and at the time of this pic they only had Rexli.

The next month, June 28th, My BABY sister Stephanie married Nate. It was so much fun to have all my family in town we did so many fun things, Amazing Jakes, Swimming, Going out to Eat... I even got some of my sisters and mom to run with me in the morning. Thank goodness there aren't pictures of that.

Congrats Steph and Nate.... So glad you are finally married so I can stop thinking about planning it. Hope you had fun. I think it turned out really beautiful and we had a blast.

This was Chad and I at the Family Dinner.

My Handsome boys. Wish I got a picture with Chad with them. Maybe he could have gotten Brae to actually SMILE.
I just love my girls and thought they looked so cute in their little white dresses.

Me and Steph. . . at the shower on the EVE of her wedding.