Thursday, July 31, 2008

John Mayer

Oh My Goodness... Seriously the BEST concert EVER.

Tonight Chad and I are just getting back from John's Concert. He was so great. I can't believe how amazing he is on the guitar. His mellow mood and Dave Mathews type songs were the perfect soundtrack to the FUN night. We went with Jeff and Jessica Stillwell (thanks to LiveNation for the VIP seats and Lounge Tickets)

Bigger Than My Body
Something's Missing
I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Good Love is On the Way
Ain't Nobody's Bizness
Untitled into Free Falling
Stitched Up
No Such Thing
Waiting on the World to Change

Sweet Child O'Mine

It was so nice.. . He sang Happy Birthday to me in his Encore. He said it was for his band member who's Birthday was today But I know it really was for me. It was great to hear him rock out on the guitar. then bust out into Sweet Child O'Mine. It put me back into my younger years maybe like 7th grade?? THANKS JOHN for remembering my 31st Bday!!

The Opening Acts were Brett Dennen and Colbie Caillat. Both were also Great to listen to!

Anyone still able to make it to see John Mayer on the rest of his tour should make the effort. It was FABULOUS!

So JEFF STILLWELL... You are now officially on my blog... I hope this makes you happy.

Jeff Likes Long walks on the beach, and snuggling up to read romance novels, ocasionally Jeff loves to jam out to any RAP MUSIC and would give anything to move up to Utah.

Jeff and Jessica have been our friends for YEARS!!

Thanks guys for letting us join you at the concert.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Looking Back on the Years

I got an email from my mom, Wishing me a Happy Birthday and wanting me to remember the Good Ole Days... I started Cracking up... Seriously, Mom, Why did you let me out of the house somedays... ok fine... I probably looked hidious most days. Chad, I am so glad you didn't know me when I was younger.

I was a Cute Baby, I can't believe how YOUNG my dad is... He looks 12!!! Cher, I think you totally look like Sarah.

At Pioneer Park with Great Grandma Lydia, Mom said I LOVED to swing. Mom, thanks for at least having the TUB of WIPES.. I hope you wiped my hands down before I ate ... I can only imagine the germs I picked up as a kid, playing at Pioneer Park..

Ahh... Licking the bowl after mom made chocolate cake. I am sure I was in heaven.

3 Perfect Angles!!! If mom and dad only knew what CRAZY TEENAGERS we'd become.. At least we were sweet innocent children!! I got this cool Tape Player for my Birthday. I thought I was so cool... I also got the Tape of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I remember walking up and down the street in Texas rocking out to Thriller, Billie Jean, and Beat it.

Salt Brook Elementry Talent Show... I danced with some friends to the song RAGTIME. Cool Hat and Suspenders..
Yes, Jennifer Garner playing Jenna Rink, in 13 going on 30 borrowed this Beautiful Heart Sweater... Check out the movie for Proof.. oh and Agan... This was on my Birthday, I got the coolest Jump Rope.. It counted how many times in a row I would Jump.
Why Am I dressed up as a Flapper, I dont know.. Probably Halloween, or another Talent Show.
Beautiful Dress I think Kathy Tonga Made this for me when I graduated from Primary. Nothing cuter than the Orange, Teal combo!!!

I know I will get HECK for this picture.. NO ... I will NOT be letting ANYONE borrow this splatter paint spandex outfit... I can however share some of my frizzy High Bangs hairstyle techniques.
This is Me... I must have attempted to do my hair in the DARK... and NO I am not standing in a rose garden.. I thought I looked beautiful dressed from head to toe in the most obnoxious flower print.

And Last Year, For My 30th Birthday, Looking quite chubby, Chad took me out to Cheesecake Factory. I was happy I had already lost like 10 or so lbs. Thank goodness I kept going... I just got measured at the gym last week. I have lost over 28 inches and 50 lbs. . .
So Today I wake up . . . I am now 31 Years Old. . . I am SO MUCH happier because of all the things I have accomplished over the past year. I am so grateful to have such a supportive husband, who not only has LOVED me through some of the UGLIEST FATTEST years, but has LOVED, SUPPORTED and ENCOURAGED me to become a better person.
I love you Chad.
Thanks for making my Bday so wonderful.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Superstition Springs WARD PARTY!!!

Ok so I thought I would post this on my blog for all the Ward Members that blog surf.

Thursday, August 7th
7 to 9 PM

Brimhall Pool

Bring your Family and Invite your Neighbors to Swim or Just Hang Out and Meet New Friends. Aspen, Brimhall and Sunny Mesa Wards will be joining the Fun...

We will be having Snow Cones!! YUMMM!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Pictures

So My Little Sister Stephanie got married June 28th and the night before we all got family pictures... By my cousin, Jen Eliason . . . She is So Good. Ok so this pic was with My little Chintzy Camera. I can't wait to see what Jen's Pics Look like. I LOVE MY FAMILY. Dang, Chad looks so good and My KIDS. . . They all look so freaking cute. I am sure EVERYONE will agree!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Braeden

What a JOY to have in our family. . . I remember when you were born. . You came a month early during the ALLEN family reunion. It was fun to walk around with my mom and sisters and aunts while all the contractions were starting. THEN we basically had a HUGE PARTY in the delivery room with my parents, ALL my sisters, Chad's Parents, and HIS sisters. . . I think there were like 15 or so people PLUS all the Nurses (and of course the Dr, but he BARELY made it in the room before Brae came out) Then, within the first hour of Brae's life he had already had a root beer float spill on his head. I remember how cute Brae's DIMPLES were even as a baby, We could also tell how smart and observant Brae was even as a baby and young child. When Ashlyn was born and Brae was only 2 He was such a sweet heart always wanting to hold and kiss the baby, It has continued still... with Irelyn and with ANY BABY that is around Brae is always there to hold, kiss, hug, play with, etc. HE LOVES BABIES.

Brae is so goofy. . Always wanting to dress up in costumes, Like a Ninja Turtle, or Put Stickers all over, or color with marker all over himself... He was so funny looking for the laugh.

Braeden is so tough and CUTE... always wanting to be like his bigger brother . . . Shaving his head, putting on Tattoos, playing games, etc . . .

Brae LOVES to swim, LOVES to play sports, LOVES to ride bikes, scooters, SPY, etc.
He Loves to get dirty, and go camping with his dad and brother. Brae is a fun brother, He Likes to tease, joke around with and play with his brother and sisters, Brae is a STUD, a total ROCKSTAR. It is fun to watch your children grow. To turn into such CUTE SWEET LOVING PEOPLE . I Feel so blessed to have BRAEDEN in our FAMILY .
Happy Birthday SON, I LOVE YOU.
Brae is getting Baptized on Aug 9th!!!

Never Say....

So last night at a small gathering I was visiting with an older woman (maybe 50ish) well after chatting for 15 or 20 min about her small town she reaches over and pats my belly and says "WHEN ARE YOU DUE?" My response was "I am Not Pregnant!" She tried to pull herself out of the HOLE she just dug herself into with those 4 words. "Oh, I must have you confused with someone else who has long brown hair and wearing a white shirt that was standing right here a few minutes ago. . . " NOPE it was just her trying to SAVE herself from a completely HUMILIATING situation. I was the only one there in a white shirt with long brown hair. There was NO ONE that looked pregnant... ONLY ME, apparently!!

Later at home, I replayed the situation . . . Who is it who should feel MORE embarrassed about that situation; HER, for asking and realizing I am NOT with child; OR ME, for looking as if I am several months pregnant (I must be, to get the belly pat)

SO what things are OFF LIMITS to say to another person . . .