Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's Rock N Roll!!!

RUNNING . . . I have found a new passion. The PERFECT place to escape the crazyness of LIFE around me. Where I can go be alone in my thoughts, listen to my music, or audiobook. I can reflect on my life, kids, husband, family, friends, callings, fitness goals, etc, the list goes on and on. I LOVE to start off my morning with a LONG run, get the endorphins going and feel like I have accomplished something, something great, and hard, and rewarding. I feel good after I run. HECK, I feel GREAT!!! It is definatly a passion.

As I started running I decided on setting a goal, a goal to finish a Marathon. I was excited to find the San Diego Rock N Roll Marathon for June 1st. I knew it would be LIFE CHANGING to cross the finish line along with some 16,000 people (that is how many did this event last year) I have spent much time in front of the computer watching YOUTUBE video's of people finishing marathons. It is a spiritual experiance I am DYING to have. I cry as I think about finishing and seeing my husband, mom and dad there at the finish. I know that is a thought I will be able to use to pull me through some of the tough miles I KNOW are ahead of me.

In research I found out that Winners of Marathons can win up to $500,000 . . . I by no means want to WIN a Marathon. My goal is to finish in under 5 hours (the average woman finishes in about that time) I am just looking forward to crossing the finish line in one piece and have the sense of accomplishment. June 1st is not going to be just an ordinary day. This is going to be where all of the hard work, focus, and determination I have put into these past 4 months of training will pay off. I have trained hard. I added up all the miles I kept track of since the beginning of March and I am at 346 miles run. That is INSANE to me. Honestly in January I couldn't run 2 miles without having to stop for walking breaks and to catch my breath. I have come so far. . .

So late last night I FINALLY did it... I registered for the Marathon. . . YES it has been my goal all along. As the time has gotten closer and I had NO ONE COMMITTED TO RUNNING WITH ME... I was so afraid to make the commitment to do the 26.2 miles ALONE. Even though I really don't mind RUNNING alone. . . the thought of standing at the starting line for an hour ALONE. . . Knowing I wont know anyone out on the course, not having someone to express the same feelings of crossing the finishline, etc. . . Next weekend I WILL be in San Diego I WILL be doing the Marathon. I will finish and I will be so happy to have accomplished the goal I set.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Black Plague

Ok fine it isnt really the Black Plague or even the Bubonic plague. But MY WHOLE FAMILY IS SICK. It started with Chad on Saturday, by Sunday he was totally unfunctional. . . Tuesday Night Ashlyn came down with the Croup and Lochlin came down with Tonsillitis and Finally by Wednesday afternoon Irelyn and I decided to let the Sick Germs take over too. Luckily Braeden seem's unaffected (thanks to his sturdy immune system). We are so boared of laying around, we have all had way to much medicine which seems to be on every counter in the kitchen and bathroom, My house is a total disaster and laundry is piling up all around. Last night I went to Walmart with Braeden to find food to feed my family, when I got home Chad asked if Brae was the one who went shopping, I came home with pizza rolls, Kid Cuisines, and Monkey Bread. Luckily I managed to throw in a few cans of soup for Chad and I.

UPDATE - Braeden IS NOT OK anymore. He is sick like the rest of us. Cleaning our bathrooms and doing our laundry has not made us feel any better EMILY. Here is a picture I took this morning (MothersDay) of my throat. My family has been living on popsicles and ice cream and thanks to grandma Stephenson some yummy soup.

I pray that NOT A SINGLE PERSON I KNOW GETS THIS SICKNESS... Chad is going on day 8 of missery and I am going on day 5 along with the kids. THIS SUCKS.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

All I ever needed to Know I learned from my Husband

If you are having a bad day just call someone who's life sucks more than yours. You are sure to feel better after that call.

Don't Throw Rocks

Floss Every Day

There is an analogy for EVERY situation.

It is ok to be sick and not feel good.

Going to Costco on a Saturday may be really crowded, but it does mean you get a FREE lunch with all the samples.

Friday, May 2, 2008


So Tomorrow Morning I am going to do something that I have been dreading for a while. . .

I have done the 16 mile route, and MAN that was long (it only took 2 hours and 40 min), but I came home with a stress fracture on my left foot.

But I just mapped out the 18 mile route I will be running. For some reason this one scares me. I know if I can do this, I CAN do the marathon. 16 miles didn't sound as far as 18. I am so NERVOUS.

So Tomorrow Morning while you are snug in your bed at 4:30 in the morning I will be headed off on my run. I am hoping to be finished before 8 in the morning. If any of you are OUT along that route... Honk and Cheer us on... Are you Ready Tiffany, Anna and Laura. Ready or not 18 Miles HERE WE COME!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hungry Housewife Confessions

So I started a New BLOG but this one is PURELY for fun..

Join the fun and start Confessing your FOOD SINS