Monday, January 14, 2008

We Did It!!!

Today I was running errands Sprouts, Walmart, Costco and as I was driving by the mall on my way to Costco the frequent thought of "I really need to get Irelyn's Ears Pierced" crossed my mind. I pierced Ashlyn's when she was 8 weeks old. . . As Irelyn was an infant she was sick so often with ear infections I just couldn't bear to pierce her ears too. So I decided to stop procrastinating and to just pull in to the mall and DO IT!! Ashlyn was quite nervous for Ierlyn. She kept asking how bad it hurts and made cringing faces.... Irelyn was so happy right before giggling and playing with me I thought maybe I was making a mistake by jabbing needles through her ears knowing it is going to make her SCREAM at the top of her lungs for who knows how long. Well.. the lady doing it was really good and went really fast with the Ear Gun. Irelyn cried only for a minute, that is until she was handed a purple sucker to distract her. We think she looks adorable... Ashlyn picked out the PINK FLOWER earrings.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 2008

OK so I am finally back in Arizona... We had SUCH A WONDERFUL time in Texas with all our Family. So many FUN TIMES.. We LOVED going to LIFETIME, all the DINNERS, GAMES, Parties, Hanging out, ETC.... The only part we didn't like was the 16 1/2 hour drive to and from Dallas. . . YUCK... The kids did pretty good, Braeden and Irelyn Puked, only a few fights, Irelyn screamed for most of it (she is teething) But It was all worth it for the GREAT MEMORIES. Thanks Emily & Joe and Steph & Dave for all your HOSPITALITY. Cherry and Scott it was GREAT to see you guys, Rhonda and Benny WE LOVE YOU and are so happy to have RECONNECTED with you. Susan and Scott THANK YOU for being so KIND and for all you did to make Christmas so FUN for the kids, and FOR US. New Years Eve was a BLAST. . . We went to PF Changs with the Fransworths and the Robinsons. . . IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! then we had to get home to pack so we could hit the road the next morning.

Goals for 2008

Loose 20 MORE lbs. - I have just a little bit further to go. . . If I can KEEP UP the gym, and eating good . . . HOPEFULLY by Spring Break I will have this one reached.
HALF Marathon - I will Start VALLEY OF THE SUN March 9th. . But If that goes well and If I can make it the other half I will find a FULL Marathon to do by the end of the year.
Spend more ONE on ONE time with my Children - I want to find at least an hour each week to spend with each of my kids individually. I find that I spend some time playing with Irelyn during the day, I usually help Ashlyn with her homework, and play a little with her, and my boys, They are growing up and kind of not wanting to play with me. BUT if I can touch up on my Guitar Hero Skills and have some Rock OFFS with them or go on a walk or wonder a Store or Museum with them I would be so happy.
Read - I have turned off the TV in our house basically since July so NOW I need to be better about Picking up the Scriptures and other Fun Books.
Travel - Chad and I have started to get out more this past year (Hawaii, Vegas, Texas, Utah, etc. ) So this next year I would LOVE to expand my destinations; visit more places I want to get to NYC, Colorado, San Francisco, Disneyland, and of course back to Hawaii, Texas, Utah, Vegas and Many More FUN PLACES. . .
Learn - I would Love to take time to get back into school, I have never finished my degree at ASU (I dropped out after having kids) I WANT to finish and get my degree, so if I can start hammering out a few classes over the next few semesters I CAN GRADUATE.
Serve - I Know I have a calling that requires a lot of work and service, but I want to be better about seeing needs of those around me and finding a way to make someone else's life better. Wether it be making Dinners, Helping with Kids, Picking a Few weeds, Or just finding time to LISTEN.