Thursday, October 8, 2009


I was thinking about my life and (crazy I know) my blog...
It is my journal and a document of my life.
I need to be better about writing in it.
Hopefully to have some sort of written legacy of a sort to leave my family and children.

Life has been so crazy lately, I wonder
what I am doing
adding the stress of full time school to my full time mother/wife role.
I really do LOVE what I am learning.
I enjoy reading chapter after chapter of my textbooks and reading the articles and studies from all my different classes. All of this STUFF is actually helping me
to be better at my job as a Mother/Wife....

I have learned about the different parenting styles, communication styles, verbal and nonverbal communication, the development of children esp through the important teenage years. . .

AAAHHH, I can't believe that TEENAGE YEARS are just around the corner for us.

Am I really that old???

Lochlin turns 11 next week. I swear I can remember the night I went into labor with him like it was yesterday (Chad didn't believe I was really in labor because he was 6 weeks premature... After hours of refusing back rubs, my mom and his parents finally convinced HIM we should at least check with the Dr)

It has only been what seems like a blink of the eye and I have
4 kids
, and have been
married for 12 1/2 years
Where did time go?

Am I doing enough to help my children grow up to be
KIND Loyal HONEST Generous CARING Successful ADULTS

I do know as I have gotten older I appreciate the small moments with my kids more. . . the before school hugs, the requests to read a book or watch a movie for the 100th time, the excitement when they show me good grades on tests (and even the bad ones so I can help them understand better) I love the dinner time talks, and bedtime hugs and kisses. I love my children, my husband, and love being with my family.

HOPEFULLY, Lochlin, Braeden, Ashlyn and Irelyn all know that I am trying my best to be a good mom. I want them to feel loved, feel like they can talk to me (and Chad), I want them to learn good values, and know that I support them, I want them to get a good education and I am hopefully setting an example that at any age you can finish your education.
(but it is so much easier when you are younger)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So School Started for the kids. Can't believe Loch is in 5th Grade... (Am I really that old) Brae is in 4th Grade, and Ash is in 2nd Grade. I LOVE all the teachers and really feel like my kids are lucky to have such fabulous people around them all day teaching them.
Irelyn Started Preschool (she is going with her cousin Rexli to Mrs. Freeman) She doesn't really look happy in this picture, but she LOVES school, I am so excited for her to grow and learn this year at School as well.
My little Brother OWEN got married to the cutest girl Alyssa. They are so adorable

and It was so much fun to have all the Allen's together for a little craziness..

Chad WON a cruise at work so the morning after the wedding We took off to San Diego for a weekend cruise on the ELATION. This was a first time for both of us, and we had a blast. We wandered the ship, and all the different restaurants and shops etc.

But mostly spent tons of time doing this... NOTHING....

We met a fun couple from San Diego Andrew and Negar and enjoied two of the evenings with them.

When we docked in Ensenada, Mexico, Chad and I went for the Kayak Adventure at La Bufadora. It was so beautiful.

La Bufadora is the second largest blowhole in the world, and can shoot upwards as high as 80 feet above sea level. Waves and air are drawn into the underwater cave and the trapped air and water then explode.
We were able to get right up to it with the kayak and could feel with the swells of the waves how big the next explosion would be. FOR SURE my favorite part of the trip.

Chad and I also really enjoied the PEOPLE watching. I MEAN REALLY... Are these people serious.... This guy was wearing a vest with jean shorts. He had quite a few different vests and yes he changed them several times throughout the day to make the most of his cruise attire..

Then for the FORMAL night... he had on all white (pants and shirt) with his bright red Asian vest and cowboy hat.

OH and I must say how sexy the guys were that entered the HAIRY CHEST competition. Luckily chad and I had the best seats on the boat to watch them strut their stuff...
Well, The cruise had to end and we drove home Monday afternoon and arrived just in time for my first class at ASU Monday Night. So fun to be back into reality...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Cow!!

Really ... I mean it REALLY... have I not posted in 8 months... No way can I catch up. Life is crazy. We spent a FUN summer in Texas with my family.

My mom is the best ever.

I loved spending so much time with my sisters

Texas is so pretty. We went to the Botanical Gardens

Texas Beaches (ok gross lakes) Pools, Parks, Museums, Movies, etc...

We missed Chad so much the whole time we were there...


My baby Brae turned 9... I can't believe it... 9!!! He is such a stud and we did a spy party for him. The kids did a LAZER course on the playground, and went on a scavenger hunt collecting clues throughout the neighborhood all night long. Lots of sweaty stinky boys wrestling and playing... P.U. GROSS... But I think they all had a blast.

We got to babysit a cute little puppy for a week while Chad's Sister went up to Utah.. My kids were in heaven with little Dolce.

This past weekend we went to San Diego with Chad's family. It was so much fun.

The first night I was able to meet up with My dear friend Claire after the Shamu show..

Our group was HUGE... Martin, Cheryl, Tatum & David (and 6 of their 7 kids) Chad & Me (our 4 kids) Ty (his 2 kids) Paris & Mican (their 2 kids) and Shea & Josh... Seriously... We were quite the site...

We did Sea World. and Belmont Park, and Mission Beach.

It was so nice and really made me miss Hawaii.. The beach is the perfect place to be.

Now School starts next week. The Allen Crew is coming into town because Owen is getting married in a few weeks. ASU, Preschool, Gymnastics, Basketball, etc... Real Life Here we come..

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Babe

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Daddy, We Love you

For all that you do.

we'll kiss you and hug you

'Cause we know you love us, too.

You snuggle us and love us

And always make time to play,

So smile 'cause we love you

On this Father's Day.


Happy Fathers Day Chad...

We sure do miss you. XOXOXO

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friends & PF Changs

Several months ago I met my friend Stacey online.. Yes she knew Chad growing up, but moved away many years ago... With lots of emails and blog checking over the next several months we find out how much we have in common and I find out what an amazing person she is. Stacey decided to come down to AZ to visit her parents and run her 9th Marathon the weekend of her birthday. I FINALLY got to meet my friend Stacey and her sister Sarah at the movies last Friday night. We saw BRIDE WARS. Later that night Sarah and Stacey came over and it was so much fun to hang out with NEW FRIENDS that I felt like were my own sisters and like I have known for ever. I must say SUPERWOMAN.. She ran the FULL marathon in 3 hours and 43 min. It was her 9th one and the 2nd time she qualified for the BOSTON Marathon. Stacey is AMAZING..

It was not the FULL marathon I wanted to do, but after having a stress fracture I was glad I could do the 1/2 marathon last week.

Jessica, Jen, Me, Amy and Rob

We had fun before the start there were 34,000 runners and we saw some funny things including 2 bumble bees and a guy shaving his nipples 5 min before starting.
At the finish line I was able to meet up with friends like Cassie Vennard

And Amy VanGieson.
But sorry girls... This is the guy I was most excited to see.. I love you Chad and I am so grateful for all the support you give me. Letting me go out for HOURS at a time to run almost every day.
And for wrestling with the 4 kids for several hours so you could all be there at the finish line.
I really love my family. I feel so blessed to have them in my life.

January Catch Up

Life has been busy.. As it has with every one I am sure.. But I needed to finally update the blog...
So I begin back in December...

Lochlin has been playing the violin this year. It is so cute to see him enjoy music. This was from his first concert. He is in Orchestra with his friends Tanner, Taylor, and Walker.

Chad's family invites SANTA to come visit every Christmas. It is such a fun tradition.

The Howey Boys.. Travis, Ty, Martin, Paris, Josh, Chad, David and Spencer .

The Howey Girls. Cheryl, Dawn, Mican, Britini, Tatum, Shea.

The Howey Grandsons...
And the Howey Granddaughters... Yeah ... a little out numbered...

Santa came again to visit us at the Farnsworths. Ashlyn wrote him a note letting him know how good she has been and asking for a "glamorous barbie"

Santa gave all the kids their Christmas PJ's.

Making Gingerbread houses with the kids was so much fun..

They were so creative. and LOVED having all the candy to nibble on while decorating.

Christmas Eve the kids were so excited to see if Santa would come visit.

Grandma and Grandpa Allen came to visit over Christmas. It is always nice to have my family come into town.
We all made it to the temple one morning. Mom, Dad, Steph, Me, Gma & Gpa Stephenson and Niel and Sandy.
the new Valley Light Rail system opened and we took the kids for a squishy ride.

These three boys spell TROUBLE...

The kids had a fun New Years Eve party, We took them to Amazing Jakes then they all came back to our house to PARTY while the parents went out to play too.

HAPPY 2009

Lochlin, is now 10. He is such a good big brother, He loves to SPY with his friends, so if you live in the neighborhood... WATCH OUT... These boys may catch you doing something. He is also into taking apart toys and using the wires, batteries, etc to make other things move, spin or light up. I hope he continues to develop this tallent. Maybe he will soon be albe to take apart computers, or build a spaceship one day...

Braeden, is 8. and He is such a funny kid. He has the cutest smile and dimples. He joins Loch in SPYING, and playing mechanic. Brae likes to ride his bike and play wii. Brae is such a good student and loves to read. Brae is ALWAYS wanting to hold babies that are around. Luckily he has baby ADDI to hold.
Ashlyn, is 6. She is such a good reader. Loving Math and being in first grade. She has lots of great friends. and LOVES to play barbies and ride her bike. She is little miss independent and seems to think she is sixteen. I really just want her to stay my little girl forever.

My little "I"... Irelyn is so stinkin cute. Her smile is to die for. This girl cracks me up... she loves to play dress ups, and barbies and she ALWAYS has to carry a purse stuffed with puppies, kitty cats and dollies. I hate that she keeps growing up.

Ashlyn lost her first tooth. She was so excited to get a visit from the tooth fairy.