Sunday, May 27, 2007

It's Magic!!!

Ok so i have been CURSED with the grossest, driest, cracked, dry ugly feet. . . Chad gets mad when my feet touch him at night because he says they scratch him. So I try all products, I file I scrub, I soak, I lather with vasoline, with different loations. Well I FOUND IT!!! the Miricle Cream that works. I was wondering Walmart . . . I love to waste time looking at isles in the health section and the craft section . . . Well I found this cream last week. . . I think it was the best $4.00 I have ever spent. I have used it maybe 5 nights off and on for about a week coating it on my heals and wearing socks along with a good scrub with a file in the shower in the morning. My feet actually look like girl feet now. I seriously can't believe the difference. SO... I am going to be a strong advocate for this Flexitol Heel Balm and it's powerful 25% urea based ingredient that nourishes the skin. This comprehensive formula increases the skin's natural renewal process, speeding exfoliation of itchy, over-dry skin at the surface. Urea breaks down hardened, callused skin and eliminates cracks and fissures. BUY IT!!! USE IT!!! esp if you have gross feet like mine used to be like.. NOW i just have to figure out how to make my elbows soft!!! Maybe I will try this cream on them? Any other suggestions???

Saturday, May 26, 2007

ME ME - "Dawn Needs"

I have noticed one floating around in blogspace recently that caught my interest.
You do a google search for “(insert your name here) needs” and list the top five results of your search.
Well, in a fit of boredom, I searched for “dawn needs”…and the results I got made me laugh so hard, I cried.

Dawn Needs a Tripod. You can see why.
Don’t know why I need a tripod, unless my destiny is to be a filmmaker.. Alas.. That’s it.. I know my destiny now..

Dawn needs a headcount before Thursday of this week so sign up quick!
I am trying to figure out what I need a head count for. But maybe of who will be joining me for the next Iron Chef Party sometime in July when I get back from HAWAII!!!

Dawn needs to get over herself.
Well… I am sure you all agree…

Dawn needs to know where she came from.
I am proud to let you all know that I came from under a rock. My alien parents left me there to be found so I could be raised in a human family and I could grow up amongst them and start breading … to make more aliens to take over Earth. Now that you all know I MUST BEAM YOU TO MARS!!

Dawn needs hair to hang over her right eye.
I don’t know why I need it over my right eye.. I know I did a hair style like this back in 9th grade with beautiful bangs hanging over my eye.. but I believe I did it over my left eye.. I guess I will be brave and try it again but this time over my right eye..

Dawn needs to be on TV land.
I don’t know why TV Land.. maybe they have a game show where I will be able to win MILLIONS of dollars.

Dawn needs a MIRACLE.
There you go.. I will take the miracle of being on TV Land so I can win the MILLIONS of dollars.

Dawn needs some man on man action!
Hummmm… I don’t know why I would need that.. That kinda creaps me out. Unless.. I know.. I am going to be watching Ultimate Fighting later today.. can that count as the man on man action I need???

Dawn needs some new friends
Ok I must need new friends.. because I was only supposed to do 5 of these and the current friend (the computer) wont let me stop looking up what I need. Aaaaahhhhh…

Dawn needs to get out of the house.
Again….. I am totally needing this. I’d take a date or anything to get me away from this dang computer that wont let me leave…

Dawn Needs Help!
Ok this must be the end.. I do need help. I need help in lots of ways. I need help cleaning my house, I need help putting away the laundry, I need help..
So help me dang it … stop reading and HELP ME!!!!!! I must stop this search about what I need.. I TOTALLY NEED HELP..

So there you have it. If you get bored and feel inclined to Google search your own needs, let me know. I can always use a good laugh.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Me Me - TWO

OK So here it goes... Info You probably already knew or Probably DONT want to know.

Two Names I Go by: Mom, Shmoopy

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: Yesterday's Makeup (it is 6 am), socks

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: LOVE (HAVE this), LAUGHTER

Two of My Favorite Things to do: Waste time on the computer, ummmmm and bake? (but NOT clean up the mess)

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: to find cheap tickets to Hawaii for the Summer, to sleep in a little bit more (Irelyn woke up poopy a little bit ago)

Two pets I have: JUST TWO... I think i have 5 .... Chad, Loch, Brae, Ash and Irelyn... My kids are kinda upset because i am so alergic to DOGS and they want one SOOOOO BAD...

Two things I did last night: Went over to Chad's Parents for his mom's Birthday (see the tinkerbell cake below), and watched 4 episodes of 24 (Chad and I have gotten so far behind. we are ready for the season finale tonight)

Two things I ate today: I havent eaten anything yet but the first two things I will eat... a Yoplait Yogart and a scrambled egg.

Two people I just talked to last: Cherry (Our Prayers are with her today), and Chad

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: Laundry, and Clean the bathrooms

Two longest car rides: Back when I was a Jr. in HS.. I drove with Mom, Cherry, and Erin Berte from NJ to AZ... IT WAS SO MUCH FUN but, LONG and MY BUTT HURT SO BAD!!!, and probably just a trip to UT. Not that bad.

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas (I love the smell, the decorations, the music) and Halloween (I love that my kids get so excited to pick out what they want to dress up like and to see their excitment running from door to door..I just love it)

Two favorite beverages: Water, and Sam's Choice Carbinated Waters

So go ahead copy and paste this and do your own....I would love to read yours!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ashlyn Music Recital

Ashlyn Singing Recital

Sing a Merry Song

Sing a Song

Whistle While You Work

Put Another Nickel In

Do Me So Me

Thank You For the Music

Pretty Chad

So Ashlyn and Our Cute Baby sitter girls gave Chad a MakeOver Yesterday. It was so cute.

Thought i would post some of the Pictures.

TinkerBell Cake

So I am so sad that i dont have any sisters around to make cakes for but it was Cheryl's Bday and she LOVES TinkerBell so last night i wondered Walmart for a while and decided on this.. It was so much fun to make.. And seriously SOOOOO SIMPLE... i used some cheap beads from the dollar spot for the boarder of the cakes then some little flowers from the craft spot and then these cute tinkerbell fairy dolls. that flower thing on top came with the fairies. Everyone loved it. Thought it was Bought not Made. which made me feel good. Cant wait to do Braeden's Fear Factor one? Any Suggestions.. he wants dirt and worms, I was thinking of printing off the Logo and laminating it for the middle with a bunch of crushed Oreo's shoving some gummy worms maybe some gummy eyeballs... ok so this is only a thought.. I am up for any suggestions.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The STINKY side of Motherhood!!!

My night/morning has been so eventfull... Chad and I woke up at 12.45 to Ashlyn PUKING all over her bedroom.. her bed was covered, her duvet the entire floor (she had run to the bathroom to finish) So I spend the next several minutes giving Ashlyn a bath, brushing her teach rinsing out her mouth with mouth wash, cleeaning up the bathroom floor, toilet and wall... and chad got the sheets off the bed and sprayed the carpet with cleaner. So I get ashlyn all settled in her bed again and go start a load of STINKY PUKIE bed stuff. . . just as I was climbing back in bed Ashlyn comes into my bedroom complaining that her belly still hurts so we go to the kitchen and get a barf bowl just in the nick of time because she started puking a TON more... AAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGHHHHHH.....
So after I clean that up Ashlyn wants to get back into our bed. Figuring we are safe because she has seriously puked up anything that could have been in her stomach i bring her and the barf bowl back to our bed. I lay there... and lay there... and I just can't fall back asleep. So I decide to come out to the couch to fall asleep watching TV. I JUST CAN'T SLEEP. I watch Extra, Inside Edition, Medium, CSI Miami and look at the clock.. I can't believe it is 4:30 AM now. I should be getting out of bed (or off the couch) to go to the gym but decide to FORCE myself to fall asleep. and I end up sleeping for maybe an hour. I wake up to change loads in the laundry, and to Chad pointing out this nice brown spot in our bed with a little brown rock pebble thing. He says "What IS this?" It was right were Ashlyn was sleeping. Well... it doesnt look like puke it MUST be Diareah (and a hershey squirt)
So I rip the sheets off and ad those to the already ENORMOUS amount of laundry I have to do from the night... and as I am sorting through that... I turn behind me and realize that SOMEONE (my guess one of the boys) SOMEONE has PEE'd in the Laundry Room Garbage Can. So after trying to get one of the boys to admit to it and getting no where with it... I go outside to clean it out... I am So frustrated at this point.
Puke, Diareah and Pee all within a few hours... OH... I am not done yet...
so it is now 10 AM Ashlyn has Pooped in 5 different pairs of panties... YES I have decided to be wastefull.. I am refusing to wash anymore.. so all the panties are going into the garbage. Where is the day going to lead us.. What other CRAP can I clean up?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Sick Girl..

So Irelyn has been so sick for the longest time. Starting in the beginning of January she has been being treated for ear infections. We go to the Dr. at least one or two times a month.... We then moved on to try Myro Therapy... Where the guy popped Irelyn's neck,back and the roof of her mouth. Then back to the Dr. two weeks ago and then we started a round of Shots. 3 days in a row we went to the Dr. and he gave Irelyn a shot in her bottom of antibiotics. Well on the 3rd day Irelyn's feaver that had lasted almost a week was STILL not going down. Well... the Dr. searched for some other reason and sent us to get an X-Ray... where we found out that Irelyn has been suffering from Phenumonia... Ok so it was a very mild case but still she had been so congested, and so misserable. She was so pathetic looking One morning she woke up and I had to get this picture... I know it was mean for me to take the picture BEFORE cleaning her up.. but I knew the picture would be worth it... Immeadiatly following she puked up tons of snoty stuff. Life has been miserable. We have one more round of antibiotics to try then we will have to fork over for tubes!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day!!!

Being a mom is so much fun and it is nice to get older and realize how special those little handprints in plaster of paris are, the sweet poems the kids write, the cute pictures they draw. My kids are so adorable..

Ashlyn started out by giving me this beautiful picture. she is getting so good at drawing.. on the back of the picture she had some info about me...

My Mom
She is 5 yrs old
She is 52 1/2 inches tall
She weighs 8 lbs.
Her Favorite food is Chicken and Salad
Her Favorite color is Pink and Orange
Her Favorite thing to do is Laundry
Does Your Mom work? Yes she goes to the gym
What does your mom do while you are at school? She cleans the house and goes shopping
What does your mom want to be when she grows up? A Teacher
When your mom was little what was her favorite toy? My Teddy Bear
What is your Favorite thing to do with your mom? go to Chuck E. Cheese's

Then she gave me a really cute gift... She was so happy to give me a PINK heart. What a Sweetie...

Then Braeden...

He made this beautiful flower card and inside he had written some things.

M - Marvelous Mom
O - Outstanding
T - Teriffic
H - Hugs Me!
E - Excellent
R - Really good at cooking!

My Mom is special because.... Sh lets me play at my friends house and eat Top Romon
I like it when my Mom .... Makes cake for my birthday
My Mom can do many things! I think she is best at . . . Making my Birthday Partys.
I like to make my mom smile by . . . Ticling her.
My mom is as pretty as a . . . rabbit hoping in the medows.
My mom is smart! she even knows . . . what 100+500 is. She sais it is 600.

Then i opened his present and it was this beautiful pen holder with the 3 pens. He was so excited. What a Cutie...

Then Lochlin.... He made a book... he started by letting me know it was for Dad too... since he wont be in school to make something for Father's Day.

So it started with a beautiful picture of ME!!! then he wrote some info about me...
My Mother is the most wonderful Mom in the whole world! She is as pretty as a rosse. Her favorite food is chickin. In the good old days when Mom was little, she used to make my ants mad.
I think Mom looks funny when she is usleep. But i know she's really mad when she tolks in a dep voes (deep voice).
I wish Mom would Play with me everyday. I wouldn't trade my mother for enything in the (Drawn Picture of the World)
Happy Mothers Day!

M - Mom
O - Oshen (ocean)
T - The
H - Hi
E - Earth
R - Run

Then he gave me this cute paper flower bouquet.

Then he had a Picture of Chad

My Dad

My Father is the most wonderful Dad in the whold world! he is as handsome as a salsmen. His favorite food is ribs. In the good old days when Dad was little, he used to go down the firepole.
I think Dad looks funny when he gos to the jim. But i know he's really bad when he yells at us. I wish dad would go to the sun's game with me everynight. I wouldnt trade my father for enething.

Happy Father's Day!

F - Father
A - Africha
T - Tool
H - Her
E - Erly
R - Ring
What a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL DAY!!!! I love my children. It always makes me realize how I want my kids to stay young. There is never enough time to LOVE and ENJOY them. I dont want to miss anything in their lives. I hope that these kind of Mother's day's NEVER end.