Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So School Started for the kids. Can't believe Loch is in 5th Grade... (Am I really that old) Brae is in 4th Grade, and Ash is in 2nd Grade. I LOVE all the teachers and really feel like my kids are lucky to have such fabulous people around them all day teaching them.
Irelyn Started Preschool (she is going with her cousin Rexli to Mrs. Freeman) She doesn't really look happy in this picture, but she LOVES school, I am so excited for her to grow and learn this year at School as well.
My little Brother OWEN got married to the cutest girl Alyssa. They are so adorable

and It was so much fun to have all the Allen's together for a little craziness..

Chad WON a cruise at work so the morning after the wedding We took off to San Diego for a weekend cruise on the ELATION. This was a first time for both of us, and we had a blast. We wandered the ship, and all the different restaurants and shops etc.

But mostly spent tons of time doing this... NOTHING....

We met a fun couple from San Diego Andrew and Negar and enjoied two of the evenings with them.

When we docked in Ensenada, Mexico, Chad and I went for the Kayak Adventure at La Bufadora. It was so beautiful.

La Bufadora is the second largest blowhole in the world, and can shoot upwards as high as 80 feet above sea level. Waves and air are drawn into the underwater cave and the trapped air and water then explode.
We were able to get right up to it with the kayak and could feel with the swells of the waves how big the next explosion would be. FOR SURE my favorite part of the trip.

Chad and I also really enjoied the PEOPLE watching. I MEAN REALLY... Are these people serious.... This guy was wearing a vest with jean shorts. He had quite a few different vests and yes he changed them several times throughout the day to make the most of his cruise attire..

Then for the FORMAL night... he had on all white (pants and shirt) with his bright red Asian vest and cowboy hat.

OH and I must say how sexy the guys were that entered the HAIRY CHEST competition. Luckily chad and I had the best seats on the boat to watch them strut their stuff...
Well, The cruise had to end and we drove home Monday afternoon and arrived just in time for my first class at ASU Monday Night. So fun to be back into reality...


Laura Smith said...

how fun! that is hilarious that you took pictures of vest guy!

Stacey said...

That looked like such a blast! I am the most motion sick girl I know, so I think any cruise would do me in! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you and your sissy's. Why do I think you have one other sister? I have 4 girls in my family too, but no brothers. Good luck with school!!