Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Holy Cow!!

Really ... I mean it REALLY... have I not posted in 8 months... No way can I catch up. Life is crazy. We spent a FUN summer in Texas with my family.

My mom is the best ever.

I loved spending so much time with my sisters

Texas is so pretty. We went to the Botanical Gardens

Texas Beaches (ok gross lakes) Pools, Parks, Museums, Movies, etc...

We missed Chad so much the whole time we were there...


My baby Brae turned 9... I can't believe it... 9!!! He is such a stud and we did a spy party for him. The kids did a LAZER course on the playground, and went on a scavenger hunt collecting clues throughout the neighborhood all night long. Lots of sweaty stinky boys wrestling and playing... P.U. GROSS... But I think they all had a blast.

We got to babysit a cute little puppy for a week while Chad's Sister went up to Utah.. My kids were in heaven with little Dolce.

This past weekend we went to San Diego with Chad's family. It was so much fun.

The first night I was able to meet up with My dear friend Claire after the Shamu show..

Our group was HUGE... Martin, Cheryl, Tatum & David (and 6 of their 7 kids) Chad & Me (our 4 kids) Ty (his 2 kids) Paris & Mican (their 2 kids) and Shea & Josh... Seriously... We were quite the site...

We did Sea World. and Belmont Park, and Mission Beach.

It was so nice and really made me miss Hawaii.. The beach is the perfect place to be.

Now School starts next week. The Allen Crew is coming into town because Owen is getting married in a few weeks. ASU, Preschool, Gymnastics, Basketball, etc... Real Life Here we come..


Laura Smith said...

I can't believe you are actually blogging! did you sign up for the Run from the Sun?

Claire said...

Yes, I really miss you too. Sooo good to see you! Keep up with the blog please, it gets lonely over here.

the Hornes said...

You have the Best lookin family! This school year we WILL hang out!

Stacey said...

I've been waiting for another post since Fathers Day! I'm not on Facebook, so you need to keep em comin' for me to peek at :> School in one week! We have about 3 1/2. I'll be sad. I'm lovin' summer more this year because we're able to do more with older kids and built in babysitters!