Thursday, October 8, 2009


I was thinking about my life and (crazy I know) my blog...
It is my journal and a document of my life.
I need to be better about writing in it.
Hopefully to have some sort of written legacy of a sort to leave my family and children.

Life has been so crazy lately, I wonder
what I am doing
adding the stress of full time school to my full time mother/wife role.
I really do LOVE what I am learning.
I enjoy reading chapter after chapter of my textbooks and reading the articles and studies from all my different classes. All of this STUFF is actually helping me
to be better at my job as a Mother/Wife....

I have learned about the different parenting styles, communication styles, verbal and nonverbal communication, the development of children esp through the important teenage years. . .

AAAHHH, I can't believe that TEENAGE YEARS are just around the corner for us.

Am I really that old???

Lochlin turns 11 next week. I swear I can remember the night I went into labor with him like it was yesterday (Chad didn't believe I was really in labor because he was 6 weeks premature... After hours of refusing back rubs, my mom and his parents finally convinced HIM we should at least check with the Dr)

It has only been what seems like a blink of the eye and I have
4 kids
, and have been
married for 12 1/2 years
Where did time go?

Am I doing enough to help my children grow up to be
KIND Loyal HONEST Generous CARING Successful ADULTS

I do know as I have gotten older I appreciate the small moments with my kids more. . . the before school hugs, the requests to read a book or watch a movie for the 100th time, the excitement when they show me good grades on tests (and even the bad ones so I can help them understand better) I love the dinner time talks, and bedtime hugs and kisses. I love my children, my husband, and love being with my family.

HOPEFULLY, Lochlin, Braeden, Ashlyn and Irelyn all know that I am trying my best to be a good mom. I want them to feel loved, feel like they can talk to me (and Chad), I want them to learn good values, and know that I support them, I want them to get a good education and I am hopefully setting an example that at any age you can finish your education.
(but it is so much easier when you are younger)


Allison said...

Hey I have learned in life, you do what you can, and it is not worth looking back and regretting what you did not do. Good luck with school, yeah it is easier when you are younger to get through school, but I learned with getting my AS I don't think I would have gotten as much out of it as I did later in life. Keep up on your blog, I love reading it.

Emily R said...

dawn, thanks for the help with my situation today. you gave me some great advice. i cant believe our kids are growing up so fast!!!

Sandi said...

Keep up the good work Dawn!! I know your family loves you so much and they are thankful for ALL you do for them! xoxo