Monday, June 25, 2007

Church Canceled!!!

So today we got a call about 1 1/2 hrs before church notifying us that there was a water(sewer) leak and the power was not working at the building so church was canceled. SO... we decided to take the troops to the Temple Visitor's Center and watch the Joseph Smith Movie. It was nice because we were able to just walk down the street to the temple (right next to my parents church building) Yes I captured the memory and thought I would share a cute picture of my kids... NOTICE the Shark Tooth Neclaces on the boys..


They are all counting down the days

(3 more) till Chad joins us!!!

So After church we got home and the boys hit their favorite hang out "the TREE"
They are ALWAYS in this tree.. luckily it is in perfect view out the kitchen window from MOM's house they even EAT in the TREE. So the kids were taken care of and the MOM's (Emo, Steph, Mom and I) along with Shelly and Dave Senior (Aunt and Uncle) were able to eat dinner in peace. Then we played the recorders and listened to Emily and Steph play the violin. It was a pleasant sunday.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Irelyn Walks

She Walks... Ok so not all the time.. but watch those steps.. She is so cute. It happened so fast. I am sure before we get back to AZ she will be pretty good at it...

Waimea Beach Day

Today we went to Waimea Beach.. Man it is so beautiful. Perfect day!!! Lochlin was the expert cliff jumper.. He did it like 20 times. Here is a little video clip of it

then here are some of the other cute pictures of the kids from today. Braeden the sand monster. Ashlyn my little Model!!! What a fun day!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hawaii - Part 2

I put this show together to show pictures of our past few days. Yes we have spent lots of time at the beach, but Yesterday we went to the PCC... The kids love it there. It was fun. We actually only visited the Island of Samoa but we watched the Canoe Show (where all the Islands float by and dance and sing) Then we rode on the canoe down to where the IMAX was and we watched the IMAX Show "Coral Reef" It was really intersting and BEAUTIFUL. Then as we were leaving Mom was holding Irelyn and took her to New Zeland to get the awesome tatoo when she peed straight out the other leg all over mom's lap. . . I got a picture of the exact pose she was in.. Notice the wet spot.. Thanks grandma for continuing to hold her..
Ashlyn loves being a little Socialite of the Neighborhood.. IT is so cute she goes around with this gang of girls. They sing and dance and put on shows and jump and play together all day.
The boys are having so much fun collecting all types of pets. from Gecko's to Snails... Yes it totally grosses me out.. but they are having fun. They spend most of their time outside hanging out in this tree behind Grandma's house.
I added a few pictures of my sister's kids.
Lydia's daughter is Kaitlyn - We celebrated her birthday this morning.
Emily's Kids are Aaron, Charity, and Baby Nate
It has been so much fun hanging out with everyone. We are sad because Lydia and Kaitlyn are leaving today. At least we get to hang out with Emily and her kids for a few more weeks.

Aloha for Now!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer in Hawaii - Week 1

OK so I have been really bad at updating the BLOG. Our first several days has been wonderful... It is so nice to be able to cross the street and be at the Ocean.
SO... enjoy the slide show.. I didnt know how else to share so many pictures. YES... you should all be jealous.. I am in Hawaii with my sisters and we are having a blast....

Hukilau is our FAVORITE BEACH. The boys love to boogie board and body surf there. . . They are really good at catching the waves. Ashlyn LOVES to play in the sand or in the waves. Irelyn LOVES to grab the sand and LOVES it when I take her in the water and jump over the waves, it is so cute because she totally starts giggling and splashing around when we jump up. Today the waves got really big and I had to actually dive through a wave while I had her out there. So this morning we went snorkeling at Sharks Cove. Oh My Goodness..... It seriously is like swimming in a fish tank... Loch and Brae kept pointing out the fish from Nemo "Mom, Look that's Gil !!! " It was cute. It was freaky because the fish are SO BIG and they are right in your face. I get the chills thinking about it because I would hate to touch a fish. GROSS... I hate to touch the bottom of the Ocean floor too. YUCK. So as I am floating out to start the snorkeling adventure Loch and Brae totally JUMP on top of me pushing me under covering my snorkel with water choking me and I almost touched the bottom of the rocky, coralish floor. I SCREAM... Which totally FREAKS them out.. Making them jump harder and squirm more.. I AM TOTALLY DROWNING... Ok that is what I get for screaming for getting to close to fish and being a total wimp. Ashlyn is the total diva of the house. Lydia calls her Paris Hilton... because she likes to pose for all the pictures. She is quite the little socialite too.. she has friends all up and down my parents street and by 6:30 in the morning is ready to go out and start playing with Anika or any of the other cute girls.. All the kids are loving to jump on the trampoline that has been a HUGE hit here. I just hope grandma and grandpa's house makes it through in one piece with the 8 kids trampling in and out and slamming doors and stuff all day long.

Aloha for now!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Airport Adventure...

well... the worst part of this adventure was DEFINATELY waking up at 3:30 in the morning to head off to the airport. BUT... we did it... we got to the airport everything went smoothly... I could even keep all the lunchables my kids decided to pack for snacks. PHEW... I was worried with that no liquid thing. So we start off by going to SLC... Kinda wierd to head NORTH to go to Hawaii.... but that was the way of our flight. Everything went smooth.. UNLIKE my sister EMILY's adventure. No Puking, No Stripping, just smooth sailing. until the last 30 min. when Irelyn decided to scream uncontrolably. I am sure her ears were hurting. But It wasnt so bad. We Land. And all the kids say. " I wish this was Hawaii!!" Man.. so do I... Could you imagine an hour flight??? WONDERFUL!!! So a nice girl named Erica who was on the same flight as me and on her way to Hawaii as well decided to join me and the kids for a stroll through the airport to waste some of the time on our 4 hour layover. UUUGGGHHH... we strolled... and my kids found a japaneese place that made stuff that looked like Panda's Orange Chicken.. Well Even with the lunchables I was suckered into getting that... the kids were so good and It did Smell good. so we ate. Loch shoved as much chicken in his face as he could and then we headed off to WAIT and Wait and Wait and Wait and Wait (oh i was singing that song Pioneer children sang as they walked.. with all those wait's) As we got on the flight to Hawaii... I pulled out the chewable Benadryl... I gave one to each of the kids telling them this medicine will help you sleep and will make the flight go faster. They were excited to gobble them up.. SO WAS I!! within Minutes and before we even took off all three big kids were asleep. IT was nice. so I was left to wrestle Irelyn who was SOOOOO tired... but to squirmy to sleep. she wiggled and wobbled and wiggled and squirmed aaahhhh.. 4 1/2 hrs into it I decided she can eat one of those chewable benadryl's too. I shove it in her and FINALLY.. i get her to sleep just in time for the kids to all wake up.. SO i start yelling... If you wake her up I will be sooo Mad!!! How mean is that. SHe is on the floor under their feet. so the fighting begins.. Lochlin likes to push Braeden and Ashlyn's buttons till they snap and then tries to blame them for the fight.. I watch and glare at them all... and after only a few comments on how i need to treat myself to a large drink after we land. ha ha I am mormon and drink to me means WATER!!! so we make it... after a LONG LONG flight... Phew, no barfing, no pee pee accidents, only a few fights and 1 really squirmy baby.
Grandma greated us with a lei and we are off for the 45 minute drive around the Island. This is the day that never ends... traveling from 3 am till 8 pm (my time) with 4 kids.
so WE ARE off to the Beach..
Loch and Brae were so excited to jump in with their boogie boards. Ashlyn loved to play in the waves and Irelyn.. her first expirence in the sand. She LOVED it!! she kept clenching the sand in her toes and digging with her feet... It was adorable. once she decided to eat it. I took her in to wash her off.. It was getting really cold at the beach so we all went home. showered off and ate dinner.. I was so excited to HIT the Bed!!
Our Day that wouldnt end.. finally did... so here we are.. ready for day 2 of our Hawaiian Adventure.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I must be cRrrAaZY!!!

Ok so it is now 11:30 PM... i am totally packed and ready to go to Hawaii tomorrow... But what am I doing... I am INSANE... I cant sleep.. and I have to be up at 3:30 to get out the door by 4 AM... I think i am just SUPER excited to see my Mom, and 3 of My 4 Sisters...and for the Airline Adventure that lies ahead...

Emily got to Hawaii today.. Well I hope she got there. She called me from her layover in LAX.. Her little boy Aaron PUKED while on the flight from Houston to LA. aparently ALL OVER... So she had to clean him up all while holding her baby Nate in her lap. No one helped her.. I told her I would have pushed off my baby onto a flight attendant or nice looking stranger close by. well ... so she strips him down in the bathroom and wraps him in an airplane blanket and uses the sink to wash off the barf from all his clothes...
I hate to laugh at this.. but It is funny. . . So she has a Naked 6 yr old, a sweet little girl and a baby all by herself hanging out at the LA airport waiting for her connecting flight to Hawaii... What is going to happen on my flight... Alone... with 4 KIDS!!! I think i am prepared... I have a DVD player, snacks, Coloring Stuff, Books, but... HUMMM... I just remembered I should bring at least one change of clothes for Irelyn... I will let you all know what my Airline Adventure is like...

I Know I am cRrrAaaaZZZzzzyyyy for doing this flight alone with the Kids... I hope the 5 1/2 week stay in Hawaii is worth IT!!!

ALOHA!!! for now..

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cub Scout Day Camp

So this past weekend was a lot of fun. I was able to go to Day Camp with Lochlin and his Cub Scout Pack. It was so cute to see the boys. We built rockets, learned about tractors, tried on army, built a tool box, made up a play, and did a water obsticle course. Yes i am about to admit to being a total boob but if you know me you know i am already. There was an opening song and it was so touching because all the cubs in our stake (about 85) stood and sang the song "We Are as the Army Heleman" Just thinking about it makes me tear up. It was so amazing to be standing among these Young boys and to think about where they are going to be in 10 or 20 or so years. Serving Missions, our Next Bishop, I did a lesson in Primary for Sharing Time and That was something we discussed... I told the children to look around and the teachers to look at their class..... Do you see future Missionaries, a Bishop, or maybe even thr Prophet in our Primary. I love working with the children in our ward. It is so amazing what they know, and how strong they are. I pray that the youth will be able to be strong in these trying times and be able to set a good example for those around them. I look at Cub Scouts as such a Wonderful experience for these Young boys and hope they get the skills and confidence to be Strong Young MEN.