Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Long Hair

So today was a busy day... Shea came over this morning and gave Loch, Brae and Ash hair cuts, we finished packing, cleaned and ran a ton of errands... By 5 o'clock I was exhausted and ready for dinner and an early night... WELL... NOT so much what was in store for us.
Ashlyn and Irelyn started opening the new DVD of Alice in Wonderland while the boys and I started putting away the groceries. As I am putting chicken in the freezer, in walks Ash "MOM, Irelyn is in the bathroom cutting her hair", "SHUT UP?" I scream as I run to the now locked bathroom and begin banging, begging for Irelyn to open up... she eventually does. In shock I stand there staring at my 3 1/2 yr old with a freshly cut mullet.
The tears start, on me, on her, and on the rest of the kids. I honestly am in SHOCK...
How could this girl who LOVES her long hair, pretends to be sleeping beauty, and begs to have 2 braids down low in her hair DO THIS????

With tears streaming down my face I did manage to snap a few pictures, expecting the laughter that will come one day when I look back on this experience.

The pile of long curly beautiful curls on the bathroom floor

Poor Irelyn, I am sure that my reaction did not help her.

Crying hysterically the whole way.... We quickly ran over to see Chad's sister Shea at work who did her best to 'fix' the situation.

I just was not prepared to say goodbye to her long soft beautiful naturally curly hair. No more braids, no more pony tails, no more fun hair styles.
The END result...

Thank goodness she is SO STINKIN CUTE... and still adorable.
Love you Irelyn.


Allison said...

It looks SOOO cute, and I promise one day you will laugh. Tayler did that at the same age. Good think short hair looks soo cute on them! (the good news is she didn't do it again... until she was 13!)

Laura Smith said...

the new do is really cute! I can't believe those curls though. I guess she felt left out when the older kids got their hair cut? that means this is really your fault.

Alyssa <3 Owen said...

Ohhh that picture of her long curls makes me sad too! But her short hair really is cute...she can have Tinker Bell hair now instead of Sleeping Beauty :)