Friday, May 28, 2010

Teacher Gifts

Wilson Elementary has been our family's HOME away from HOME for many years now. Through the years we have been blessed with SO MANY wonderful, amazing, loving teachers. This year however was the LAST YEAR my children will be attending Wilson... We made the decision to attend Zaharis Elementary School next year. It is a bit further away, and has quite a different philosophy about teaching and the whole education process. One that I believe will benefit Loch, Brae and Ash immensely. So as we said goodbye to the teachers this year it was sad for many reasons. We will no longer see the smiling staff that have been so kind to us, we will no longer see the hallways or breezeways, the library and the artwork.... The dozens of children that so kindly run up to give me hugs with excitement when I walk through. While we look forward to the new memories, new friends, new kind teachers and staff... we said goodbye to a wonderful school...
The children made these Adorable flower pots for their teachers. Each one using their own creativity picking their pieces of paper that fit their personality, typing up teachers popular sayings, hand writing notes,

This was a fun project and I hope that the teachers loved them as much as I did when they were finished.
Here is the poem I put on the front of the card.

Like a SEED
planted in the soil
I have needed patience,
nurturing and toil.

YOU as my teacher,
A job done well
Have helped me grow
Anyone can surely tell.

Now these too
will grow and bloom
Hope you’ll think of me
I will come and see you soon.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Week

In one week the Howey summer adventure begins... I will be flying to TEXAS with the kids, where they will be spending the next month and a half with their grandparents having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES .... Then on Sunday I will be off to DUBLIN...

It does NOT seem real. Am I really going to be in another country.... Away from my hubby and kids??? This 'short' & quick 6 week summer session, will allow me to have the Fall 2010 semester at ASU only consist of 2 online classes... THEN I AM DONE!!! This journey to get my degree that I started back in 1995 will FINALLY be done. Granted I took a 11 year sabbatical... the past 1 1/2 years I have been working my TAIL FEATHER off to accomplish a dream, set an example for my children and prove to myself that I AM WORTH IT.
I have put myself last so many times as a mother, and while it may seem that I have been selfish taking time to work out, or going to school, etc.... I have done my best to try to keep my family first. YES things have slacked, dinners are not as often homemade (but thank heavens for Fresh N Easy), I have not been able to help in the kids classrooms as much as I would like to (but I am still a presence there and all the kids & teachers know me), Homework (mine and the kids) still gets done, Straight A's for ME and the kid-o's, Books have been read, Love has been present.
We are happy...
This summer will FLY BY, The kids will return home, new routines for the school year will be set and the memories of Ireland, and the summer spent in TX and UT will be fond ones...I am sure.
As for much to do, planning, preparing, packing, cleaning, stressing... It all will get done I am sure.
The one week countdown starts tomorrow morning.