Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Conversation with Kids

The Setting: Last night in the Car
Loch "Did you guys have Chalk boards or White Boards when you were in school?"
Chad "We had Chalk Boards"
Loch "LUCKY!!!"
Chad "Why is that Lucky?"
Loch "Cause you got to take two of the erasers and bang them together"I thought it was so funny that he even KNEW about banging the erasers. Oh the little things that kids think are fun.. I know the teachers back then probably HATED doing it.. but what kid DIDN'T want to bang the erasers outside.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So this past weekend I went to San Diego to do the Marathon and LUCKILY I was able to convince Anna last minute to join me. . . It was SOOOO exciting We left on Friday and went to the expo and got our race numbers.

Saturday Morning We drove the Marathon Course. My Thoughts. " HOLY COW THIS IS GONNA BE A LONG RUN" "WHAT AM I DOING?" "CAN I EVEN DO THIS?" Chad told me to just think of this as a Long Saturday Run, with a few extra miles.
We woke up at 4:30 Sunday Morning, Left for the Race at 5:15. We got dropped off in the wrong spot and had 3 miles to walk to get to the start line. After a long line and quick stop at the potty. Anna and I had a quick prayer and then merged into the 20,000 other runners and took off.
This is me at about Mile 4!! YEAH... only 22.2 more to go!!! I finished the 10K (about 6 miles) in 1 hour which was a good pace for me
So this is about 10 miles into it (only 16.2 left). The first ten miles was either Up or Down Hill then the last part of the course had so many little hills but by that point they were all KILLER hills. I had thoughts of pulling over at the half way mark 2 hours and 26 min into the race. Anna caught me while I was walking around mile 16. It was nice to know she was close for the last 10 miles of the course.
by mile 21 (4 hours and 12 min) I was OUT of water in my camelpack and down to a walk run combo with mostly walking. The LONGEST part of the marathon was the last half mile when I turned into the marine base and had to follow a few curves this picture is about 200 yards from the finishline.
FINALLY cross the finish line at 5 hours 21 min and 10 sec. . . Holy cow... I can't believe I did it!!! I ran the 26.2 miles!!! I finished a little slower than I thought I would. I really had a hard time breathing the air and I did NOT realize HOW HILLY that course was.
Thanks Anna for joining me in this adventure, finding me at mile 16, walking with me, sharing your water, and for PUSHING ME when I was so exausted to make it to the finishline.

Chad, Thank you for BABYING ME all weekend, for the leg and foot massages, for setting out all my running stuff, making sure I eat the right foods, get the rest I need and for being SO supportive along the way. It was your voice, kiss, and smile I would look forward to. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I really feel so blessed to have you for my husband. I couldn't have done all the training to get to this point without YOU. Mom and Dad, Thank you for deciding to CELEBRATE your anniversery in San Diego so you could be at this event with me. It was fun to spend time with you guys and to have you along the sidelines cheering me on along the way. Thanks for being so PROUD of me and for all your SUPPORT. I Love You.

Overall Place: 10775/16373
Gender Place: 4689/8425
Division Place: 890/1502
Age Grade: 42.2%
Pace: 12:15