Saturday, November 24, 2007


I KNOW... I haven't blogged in a REAL LONG TIME... so I will try to catch up... So you dont get to see halloween pictures . . . I dont know where i put them on my computer and YES i am TO LAZY to go looking for them now.. PLUS that was like a month ago. The kids all got a ton of candy and I was so grateful for Phanelb teaching me about the GREAT PUMPKIN.. cause we let the kids pig out for a whole day on their candy then we left it on the table the night after Halloween for the Great Pumpkin to trade for a little prize. PHEW. . . it was such a relief to get the temptation of Candy OUT of the house. I guess chad and BINGED on all the Kit Kats after the kids went to bed Halloween night anyways.. . and we didn't get to many sweedish fish so nothing to make me dig through the buckets for. Well.... Now that it NOVember is almost over We have a lot to catch up on. So One of the pictures is the HUGE gash Loch got on his eye after a fight with Brae. Kind of funny... I just had to document some of the blood they draw on eachother. I HOPE sometime this stuff will end but Chad tells me IT WONT... THEY ARE BOYS!! Oh then I have this picture of Irelyn FLEXING... Dont know who remembers... but LOCH did the exact same thing and they look so much alike doing it.
This past week Steph and Dave came into town. We have had so much fun trying to spend any minute we can with them. We had a fun dinner on Monday night with a SUPER fun group of friends. Then we went to the park and let the kids feed the DUCKS . . . It was so cute to see Irelyn so excited to touch them. . . Thanksgiving was fun we started our day out with the Turkey Trot Chad ran the 1 mile with Loch and Brae. and they made pretty good time. Then I ran the 10 K. . . Let me just say... JET FUEL (the energy pill) is NOT a GOOD THING to take before a long run. I got so sick I puked seriously like 10 times throughout the 6.2 miles and ended up walking for quite a bit of the race. It took me like 1 hour and 17 minutes to finish and I WAS SO dissapointed because I KNEW I could have done better if I weren't gaging the whole time. But I fininshed. We then had dinner over at Chad's Aunts house. Ashlyn wanted to wear her INDIAN outfit from Preschool. She was so dang cute!! Afterwards we stopped by to see Bob and Sue and Rob Gilligan. The kids had so much fun playing with their birds and being spoiled by them. Then we ended our night by stopping by grandma stephenson's to see Steph and Dave and family, Greg and Stacy and family and Sid and Gma. Then on Friday we went over again to Gma's house for her B-day and to make gingerbread houses. . . the KIDS LOVED all the candy and even though Ashlyn's didnt even make it from the front door to the car and Lochlin's house crashed before we made it home. . . I think they had a blast and LOVED the memories of doing that with their cousins. Well I will try to update before another month goes by. Take care and Hope all the fellow bloggers had a WONDERFUL TURKEY DAY!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What is THIS?

I hate sick kids. "I" ( this is Irelyn's nickname from Ashlyn) woke up sick. I dont think this is PINK EYE.. cause her eye balls are clear... but there is all this green yucky junk coming out.. ICKY ICKY... anyone KNOW what this is?

OK I know this is gross... but hey.. it isnt a picture of POOP like I have previously posted.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Goal

Lose 2 Pounds this coming week!!!!

OK so this morning at the gym Tiffany Watkins and I decided to set a VERY reasonable goal of dropping 2 pounds this week... To reward ourselves... We are going to get manicures and pedicures Saturday afternoon. SOOO... to anyone else who wants to join us in this goal.. Commit HERE... We can push eachother through...

OH... If anyone wants to JOIN Tiff and I for any classes at Fitness Works this week
Here is the schedule we basically stick to. . .
Monday - 4:20 Step at Recker and Brown
7:30 Combat at Higley and Baseline
Tuesday - 5:15 AM - Pump at Higley
4:20 Step at Higley
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - 5:15 AM - Pump at Higley
4:20 - Body Flow at Higley
Friday - 8:30AM - Step at Higley
Saturday - 8:30AM - Attack at Higley
9:30 - Pump at Higley (If we cant make the 7:20AM Pump before Attack)

SO Weigh yourself TODAY and Join us This weekend for a little Pampering