Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Shopping

As a child I remember getting so excited for christmas, going through all the add's in the newspapers. Sorting through and cutting out the items on my wish list... WELL... I know it is that time of year and YES my kids are doing the same things... Some of my favorite things to wish for are "Perfect Gifts" for friends... I get some catalogs that are PERFECT to find the PERFECT GIFT for pretty much anyone...

Seriously Such a great place to start looking for ideas for people on your list this year.

Here are some of my favorite this year.
Fo Shizzle Door Mat
Txting Mugs

Motorcycle ornaments
Sorry this one is for OWEN... TMNT...Leo, Ralf, Don, and Mike
Bringin Home the Bakon Wallet
Wanting a HOT BEACH BOD??

Swear Word Bank

the "Egg Seperator"

Love the "Teeth Ice Cubes" Seriously wouldn't these be great for ANY of the dentists out there or just to make your kids laugh when they are drinking their water at dinner. and they are only $6.95

There is even some Christmas Essentials... Hello... Doesn't every family need ....
The "Office Game" Dwight Schrute understands that all work and no play makes a Dunder Mifflin employee less efficient. So he created this DVD board game to enlighten and entertain, mapping out the cubicle farm for your playing enjoyment. Answer questions about the show clips and earn Schrute bucks; gather fellow The Office fans to watch a few episodes and play a few rounds.

Mom I KNOW would LOVE a Hershey's Candle to make her house REAK of chocolate. Personally... I think the smell would get to be so discusting after about 2 minutes.. but My mom could possibly get over her constant need for snacking on chocolate "at noon" if her house smelled like this stuff all day long.