Monday, July 23, 2007

Blog Surfing Anonymous (BSA)

Hi, My Name is Dawn (Hi Dawn) and I am a BLOG SURFER…
I thought it must be about time for me to admit to one of my weaknesses I have developed on the internet. I have fallen in love with blogging, and well along with that comes my addiction to blog surfing/stalking sometimes.
I find myself laughing or crying at complete strangers comments, pictures, and LOVE to poke around from friend to friend on each site. I always think “Humm… I wonder if THEY know someone I Know???” and well… sometimes they do… I have come across people I knew from YEARS and YEARS ago, or random people from High School I never thought I would see again. And to think… I can “Secretly” look in on anyone’s life, see their children, etc… then I think to myself “Do I comment?” “do I need to explain how I came across their blogspot site?” “will they think I am crazy for clicking randomly till I found them???” Still… I do it… sometimes I comment…. Sometimes I don’t…
If you are a blog surfer/stalker I hope you will comment and let the WORLD know…

Some other addictions some people may have….

EGO-SURFING: When you frequently check your name and reputation on the Internet.

BLOG STREAKING: “Revealing secrets or personal information online which for everybody’s sake would be best kept private.”

CRACKBERRY: “The curse of the modern executive: not being able to stop checking your BlackBerry, even at your grandmother’s funeral.”

BLOG-STALKING: Defined as “snooping online on old friends, colleagues or first dates.”

CYBERCHONDRIA: “A headache and a particular rash at the same time? Extensive online research tells you it must be cancer.”

PHOTOLURKING: Flicking through a photo album of someone you’ve never met.

MYSPACE IMPERSONATION: Many of us pretend to be someone we’re not when we are online, but some will pretend to be a well-known figure

WIKIPEDIHOLISM: Excess devotion to contributing to the online collaborative encyclopedia, Wikipedia. (Wikipedia even has a page where you can test whether you’re an addict

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Braeden's Fear Factor Party

I know it has been a while since i have posted.. It is hard to get back into real life after being in Hawaii for so long... Here is what I have been working on all week... Brae's Party.. Phew... it was fun... and NOW it is OVER!!! Time to plan for October's bday's Loch, Ash and Chad

This party was a LOT of FUN!!! We started out with Eating the BRAINS... Kids got so grossed out but it was just spagetti and jello in a mold.. Kinda funny... we got some moms to even join in on that. then we did the Cow's Blood... again... kids were grossed out.... but it was just koolaid and blended up fruit cocktail. then we did the dice game.. everything was labeled and kids ate what they rolled... there was this one little boy (Colton Koontz) who ate pigs feet, anchovies, kipper snacks but couldn't stomach the black licorice. LOCH even ate some of the pigs feet and anchovies... Then we had the SLIDE... i put snakes at the bottom but the kids just picked them up and played with them for the CAKE... I am pretty anal about the cakes but this one the kids helped me with ... they helped me top the cup cakes with worms, eyeballs, and bugs... I think it turned out pretty cute...

Friday, July 6, 2007

Our New Pet

So we went bowling last night at the GAME ROOM at BYU and on the way home Chad and the boys found our new pet in the middle of the street... So they had to bring him home and get a few pictures of Him before we tied him up in the backyard to guard us.
Ok so we really let him go but the boys think he is still outback.

4th Of July in Hawaii

We started out our 4th by doing NOTHING... we were just sitting around the house wondering why arent we at the beach... so we finally packed up and went to Hukilau Beach... The kids love to catch waves and play in the sand. And when i say KIDS.. I mean Chad too..

Then we headed off to Turtle Bay Resort for a BBQ activity. We got some yummy chicken and rice and listened to music.

Then we decided to head over to the Pool at Turtle Bay... where we would have the most amazing view over looking the ocean. The kids were hanging out on the rocks at the edge of the grass section. Chad and I kept saying HOW DANG CUTE our kids are.

We watched the fireworks with Steph and a bunch of her friends... Kim and Jansen, Ashley, Evan, Jeff, and a few other I dont remember. Being in Hawaii makes anything amazing...
but I must say watching the fireworks explode over the ocean at Turtle Bay... It was breathtaking... (and I dont use that word) If you look in this picture you can see the reflection on the water...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Catch Up on Hawaii

WEDNESDAY June 27th 10:00PM..... So CHAD Finally made it to Hawaii... 3 weeks without him was hard on all of us. But we are sure happy now he is here with us.
Actually the night Chad got here... we sure needed him because there was this huge centapede on the stairs and phew... Chad caught it. It was so gross... then when we got upstairs there was a giant cockroach.. Thank goodness there was a boy around. I just screamed like a little girl. I HATE bugs!!!

THURSDAY June 28th..... See how white Chad is... Well... it was a very over cast day and we were only at the beach for a little bit BUT.... the FAIR IRISH MAN Chad is... He got sooooo BURNT.. The kids and I have been WAITING for him to peel so we can start ripping the skin off his back.. ahhhh...

FRIDAY June 29th.... Pearl Harbor/Dole Plantation Day... Ok so with only a few fights from getting lost going and realizing I can't read maps very well.. We made the drive from the North shore over to Pearl Harbor. It was really intersting to get to be there in person.. What a beautiful place. It is crazy to think about the Terrible Day back in 1941. Hopefully the kids will remeber a little of this when they grow up. We had to wait for 2 hours to get on the Fairy to the Memorial but we still were able to enjoy the peaceful quiteness that still hushes over the sunken Arizona Battleship.. On our drive back we decided to stop at DOLE to get some of their PINEAPPLE whip ice cream. YUMMM...
SATURDAY June 30th . . . Beach Day. We just LOVE Hukilau Beach. It is so perfect because it is right across the street from Grandma's house. The boys love to boogie board or body surf the waves here and YES even Chad wore a Rash Guard today.. He is still FRIED!!!

SUNDAY July 1st . . . Church Day. . . Ok so I guess you realize how long you have been some place when you NO LONGER are introduced in Relief Society as the New Person. . . after church we went to this musical fireside at the temple and on our walk home we came across THIS TOILET just out there on the street. ONLY IN HAWAII... ok we couldnt pass up some funny pictures. The kids thought this was the greatest. I couldnt help but think of all the germs that were still lurking on that nasty dirty toilet... ICK...

MONDAY July 2nd . . . Waimea Beach Day... We spent pretty much all day at Waimea Today. It was a beautiful day even though it sprinkled a little bit (nice to clear out half the crowd at the beach) We snorkled, ran rocks (chad's favorite part), and even jumped off the cliff again. It took chad a while to convince him to go off. . . Kinda funny... Loch and Chad climb the rock... Chad thinks he is going to go off with Lochlin but Loch wants to go by himself. So Chad has time to look down.. and realize how high he is. So I climbed up and remembered how scary it was for me a few days ago to jump but think I can do it and Maybe Chad will jump with me. Well I get up there and try not to look around. Man it is scary to be up that high. I dont know if the pictures show HOW HIGH it is. Well.. we finally do it. Yes I jumped first then Chad, but we went up and did it 3 or 4 more times and even did a family jump with Loch. Irelyn even slept at the beach so it made her so much more pleasant to deal with. She looked so cute curled up in a little ball on the towel. Hawaii is so beautiful... We are LOVING IT HERE...