Friday, October 26, 2007


Ok so the cutest thing EVER!!! I am cleaning out Braeden's folder after school and I come across a paper where he had to draw a Superhero Trading Card. . . I got kind of teary eye'd when I saw what Brae did..

What My Mom does BEST: She Feeds Me

More About My Mom: She Says Good Night To Me. She is Always Nice.

I Just LOVE it when my kids do something SWEET like this... TOTALLY made my day!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Party's .....

Lochlin's 9th Birthday Party

Lochlin didn't get a HUGE party like we normally do because HE kept getting in trouble... so Friday night we invited a 4 friends over for a MINI Tony Hawk Party.. They Skateboarded, colored Skate Shirts and watched the movie Transformers. It was so EASY... ESP compared to what I usually do.. Hopefully he had fun with a Small Party. . . and he learned his lesson NOT to get into trouble.

Ashlyn's 5th Birthday Party

Ashlyn's Party was so much fun... The front room was all covered in toole and lights.. and Pink stuff. We did Make Up, Hair, Pin the shoe on Cinderella, Made Princess foam sticker pictures and took pictures with Belle.. I am so glad to have a daughter to get to do these fun things FOR and WITH...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Crazy October!!

October is ALMOST over.... Not that I don't like October... It is just a super crazy month!! Mom came into town from Hawaii to watch the kids while we spent the weekend in VEGAS... (thanks mom')... I had Lochlin's Bday on the 17th, Chad's Bday on the 18th, we celebrated Loch's Bday last friday ( I have pictures and WILL post tomorrow) Then I havae Sharing Time this month... and we have the Primary Program on the 28th... Well Ashlyn's Bday was on Sunday and then Today we just had her little Princess Party... Which was SO MUCH FUN!! I am so happy I have a little girl that I can get all PINKED out for... (I WILL post the pictures from this tomorrow too) BUT after the party, dinner, clean up, I had to give my girls a bath to wash off all the glitter and makeup... Well... Irelyn was cracking up at a "tooting" noise so I HAD to grab the camera.. YES it was around the corner... I RAN and was only out of her sight for a few seconds.. WELL upon my return I capture her CUTE laugh at the noise... OH... and of course MUCH MUCH more.. Watch... You'll see!!! Chad was like... YOU HAVE to post that TONIGHT!!! so even though I am SOOOO tired... and am getting up WAY to early in the morning for the gym... Here it is...

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am tryin to Catch Up!!

Ok so since I have come home from Hawaii.. I really have struggled to get back into LIFE here... I havent beeen able to get on top of my cleaning (the routine is helping a TON) but still!!! I have slacked in doing my Laundry, my paperwork, my house seriously feels like it is falling apart. My garage is full of a ton of S#@! and I so badly need to dust and clean baseboards etc... but seriously...
We just got home from Vegas this weekend. We had a FREAKING BLAST!!!
I was so lucky to have my mom come out from Hawaii to watch my kids while we went.... She is the BEST EVER!!! She was so worried that I would care that she didnt get a HUGE PROJECT done (usually we repaint, have a garage sale, DEEP clean a few rooms, etc) but she did MUCH MUCH more than a project like that.... she was the BEST grandma EVER to my kids. She totally Helped Ashlyn with her READING, she took the kids to Bass Pro Shop, Amazing Jakes, got them all ready and to church at 8:30 in the morning, got them all off to school did all the laundry, changed MANY poopie diapers and LOVED my kids to death the whole time she was out here... I think MY MOM is the best ever!!! I WISH I could spend more time with her... I am really looking forward to her moving back to "the mainland" in January!!! Texas ISN'T that far away.
I am kind of scatter brained right now..It IS late... but I just had to post so people know I AM ALIVE!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Chocolate Rain

OK I HAD to post this... Over the summer... It was late one night... Phanelb, Phanie, Chad and I were all up watching Jimmy Kimmel and this guy starts singing "Chocolate Rain" all four of us were in shock... What the heck.. Do we feel bad for him??? does he KNOW he is being made fun of??? We were all cracking up to the point of TEARS at this song... the people in the audience reaction's say it all. . .OH.. PLEASE notice the wonderful transitions that ABC uses during the song... We espically LOVE the STAR!!! BTW... you can download the MP3 of this song FREE (can you believe it, ha ha) from YOU TUBE!! Don't worry I already have it in my itunes play list.

I Love how Jimmy makes fun of him and calls him Darth Vader!!

SO I dedicate this POST to Steph, Steph and Chad... I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Routine

OK so Thank you Susan for the suggestion of checking out I searched her website and I came up with a daily routine that I am going to try for a few weeks. I thought I would share it will all my fellow blog readers... so you can copy/paste and create your own.
I am pretty good at doing most of the stuff but I am totally LIST OBSESSED!!! so this is now printed off and on my FRIDGE.... YES ONE MORE PIECE OF CLUTTER for that DARN FRIDGE!!!

Hit the GYM - Pump or Cardio for at least 1 hour (Mon - Fri)
Make the bed (right away before doing ANYTHING ELSE)
Shower, Clean up and GET READY down to the shoes
Wipe down and Clean Master Bathroom before leaving the room
Take dirty clothes to the laundry and begin a load
Unload dishwasher (one of the children’s chores)
Feed the Family and of course don’t forget to eat yourself
Load dishes right away into the empty dishwasher
Don’t Forget Family Prayer & Goal Setting
(Mon – Fri) Send the kids out the door with a hug and kiss
What’s for Dinner??? Think about it NOW
Straighten up any messes left behind
Forward the Laundry
Sit down and relax for 30 minutes (check email & blog)
Monday – Vacuum, Dust, Sweep, Mop, Bathrooms
Tuesday – Vacuum, Sweep, GO TO LUNCH
Wednesday – Vacuum, Sweep, Clean Out Fridge, Plan Menu, Clean Desk
Thursday – Errands, Cleaners, Grocery Store, Gas Car,
Friday – Vacuum, Sweep, Write any Notes, Thank You’s, DATE NIGHT
Saturday – House Top to Bottom with Kids Help, FAMILY DAY
Sunday – Church, Relax
Relax till kids get home from school
Kids Chores
Scouts, Music, Dance, Sports, Etc…
Feed the Family Dinner – Sit together around the table
Did we accomplish the goals we set?
Best and Worst part of Day
Discuss upcoming weekly activities
Make sure kids have the “Tickets” they earned for the day.
Family Prayer & Read Scriptures
Put kids in bed with a hug and a kiss

Straighten House
Clean misc. toys, clothes, Start Dishwasher.
So you can start a new day with a CLEAN house.
Check the Calendar (just to see what is on the LIST for tomorrow)
Get Ready for BED (not that you have to go to bed yet) but now it is time to RELAX, watch TV, write in journal, read a book, snuggle

Monday, October 1, 2007

A Mom's Work...

Absolutly the BEST video on YouTube!!! I was dying of laughter... I haven't had to use all the sayings yet... but I definatly remember hearing them from my mom I know the time is coming... I hope EVERYONE who is a MOM and visits this BLOG... will WATCH THIS...

Love ya EMO for sharing this...